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Tales of an ordinary person living an extra-ordinary life.

The Best of the Lycian Coast in Pictures

The Lycian coast is paradise for people who love nature, hiking, yachting, swimming, scuba diving, paragliding, water spots, archaeology, history, fishing or simply relaxing in the sunshine.

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Romance on the High Seas

5–½ misconceptions about my life on a cruise boat

“Trust me when I tell you, living on a cruise boat isn’t all champagne and rose petals.”

Compilation of images showing luxury gulet Arkadaslik sailing on the Mediterranean

Life on a cruise boat.  It’s not all champagne and rose petals. But, don’t

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5 Things that Make Us (Really, Truly) Different from Other Yachting Companies

There’s no denying it. We’re really, truly different.

It all boils down to being owned by an old, blind Canadian woman who lives on the boat. But how do I make that sound appealing to potential guests???

A compilation of images showing guests aboard luxury gulet Arkadaslik

Guests we’ve welcomed

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My #1 Most-Frequently-Asked Question

You? Here? How? Why?

“How did you, a single Canadian woman (with absolutely no relevant skills or training), end up owning a private yacht charter business in Turkey?”

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Security at the Turkish Airport

Personal Observations

Like most people, you might be a little scared about flying through major international airports right now.  Here’s my personal observation on airport security during recent flights from Turkey to Canada and back.

Comparing security at Canadian & Turkish airports

At the Turkish Airports

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Sleeping at Sea

Question – I’m usually a light sleeper.  How will I sleep on the boat?

Between the fresh air, relaxing atmosphere, and comfortable accommodations, our guests report no problems sleeping on Arkadaslik.  In fact, most say they are lulled to … Read the rest

There’s a Mouse in the House (Boat)

A true story – about me, Oktay and a mouse!

Eeek!  There’s a mouse in the house!  Add this to the list of things I never thought I’d have to deal with when I  started my new life in Turkey!

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