Taking one for the team!

Some of my passengers are interested in getting a Turkish bath before their cruise in May. In an effort to provide “exceptional customer service”, I visited a local Hamam (Turkish bath) to test out the amenities. Oh, what a difficult life I lead…

getting a massage at the Turkish bath

Not actually me, but a good stand-in 😉

foot massage at the hamam

Pedicures send me into fits of giggles!

My First Hamam Visit

On my first trip to Turkey, I was a little apprehensive about the Turkish bath experience. Getting nearly naked with a complete stranger, having buckets of water poured over my head, and being scrubbed and rubbed EVERYWHERE? C’mon! I don’t even like shaking hands with strangers and can barely tolerate a pedicure because I’m so ticklish. I thought it would be an uncomfortable, miserable “been there, done that, never need to do it again” type of event. How wrong I was!

For anyone unfamiliar with the Turkish bath – it is a process. A heavenly process! My friend Janice wrote an hilarious story about her first experience at the Hamam (second story from the top). Since that first trip, I’ve visited various Turkish baths around the country. Some baths have been great, a few have been terrible, and most have fallen somewhere in between. (Today’s was definitely one of the better ones!)

Today’s Hamam Visit

sauna at the Turkish bathToday’s highlights were the 40 minute sauna treatment and the magic potion the Hamam attendant rubbed onto my upper back at the beginning of my massage. It felt a bit tingly and quickly heated up, feeling very much like Vicks Vapo-Rub or Absorbine Junior. But, whatever it was, it chased my lingering cough away – something two rounds of antibiotics have been unable to accomplish!

Two hours after entering, I left the spa feeling squeaky clean, totally relaxed, silky smooth and ready for a suntan.

For my passengers on the “Canadian Turkish delights” week – I’ve booked all of you in for the afternoon before you cruise. I can confirm that the Hamam includes a full body SOAP massage, not the SOUP massage outlined in their brochure. The facility is clean, the prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent. I definitely plan to return!


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