Today I completed the last steps in the Turkish residency application process, a requirement for me to stay in the country and establish my new business. (If you’re curious, read “Let the Bureaucracy Begin!” about my initial steps in the rather convoluted process.)

I’m passport-less until January 2, 2014, which makes me a bit nervous, but the official-looking Passport Polis-man behind the official looking desk in the Passport Polis Office kindly explained that:

  1. His office handles lots of passports and they NEVER lose them. (Well, there was that one time…)
  2. My passport CAN be returned in case of dire emergency. (We didn’t get into specifics about what constitutes “dire”, but let’s hope I don’t have to find out.)
  3. Two weeks isn’t very long.

I feel disconnected without my Canadian passport and will be counting down the days…

Handing over my Canadian passport