An April Göcek Islands Getaway with Our Friends from China

Our first guests of the 2019 season arrived at Easter! Only in the area for a few days before heading off to explore the rest of Turkey, they braved the cool weather and had the entire Göcek Islands virtually to themselves!

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A 3 Day / 2 Night Cruise around the Göcek Islands


This group was only in the area for a few days before heading off to explore the interior of Turkey, and decided to spend it on the water. They had their pick of moorings in the Göcek islands during this early season cruise and christened our new stand-up paddle board.

Cruise Highlights

  • Our first guests of the year, and our first guests from China. What a wonderful way to start cruise season 2019!
  • Derek was the first to try out the new stand-up paddle board, so we've named it "Derek" in his honour. Everyone managed to stand-up and paddle!
  • Yan was the first to swim this season - but it was accidental when she fell off the paddle board after standing and paddling nearly all the way across Hamam Bay. Being a good sport, she went back into the water a second time so we could all get photos.
  • After leaving Merdivenli Bay, we sailed for a little while - hitting a top speed of 2 nautical miles per hour.
  • Jelly fish bloom! (We spotted masses of them in Hamam Bay and Merdivenli Bay.)
  • Gary caught a "big" fish in the bay at Göcek Island ;-)

The Itinerary

Day 1 - Göcek → Kitle Büku for lunch → Bedri Rahmi Koyu for kayaking → Hamam Bay for dinner and overnight

Day 2 - Hamam Bay for breakfast, a visit to the ruins of the Turkish bath, kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding → a cruise past Martili Bay to see the seagull art on the shore → Merdivenli Bay for lunch and a hike → raised the sails for a while for a quick visit to Flat Island → Göcek Island for the final night

Day 3 - Göcek Island for final breakfast before heading back to Göcek harbour for goodbyes.

map of a 3 day / 2 night cruise in the Göcek islands region of Turkey

Click to enlarge.

Thanks for coming, guys - we hope to see you again! Wishing you safe travels on the rest of your Turkish holiday - with love from Captain Oktay, Chef Selim, Sailor Mert, and Sue