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Sailing the Lycian Coast with Friends from South Africa

A Göcek to Marmaris Adventure


This group prove that, when organizing a cruise, patience and persistence pay off! Due to a variety of factors, their cruise morphed from a 6-day journey between Göcek and Marmaris to an 8-day / 7 night adventure along the Lycian coast and through the Kekova region. We're delighted that things have worked out so well!

We'll be starting and finishing in Göcek harbour, with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and adventure during the week-long holiday.

Proposed Itinerary


Departure from Göcek Harbour

thumbGemiler Island, Turkey
2. thumbKaş, Turkey
3. thumbSunken City, Turkey thumbSimena, Turkey
4. thumbMyra, Demre, Turkey thumbSt. Nicholas Church, TR thumbKekova Region, Turkey
5. thumbKalkan, Turkey
6. thumbButterfly Valley, Turkey thumbÖludeniz, Turkey
7. thumbGöcek Islands, Turkey

Return to Göcek Harbour after breakfast

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