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Sailing the Lycian Coast with Friends from South Africa

A Göcek to Marmaris Adventure


This group prove that, when organizing a cruise, patience and persistence pay off! Due to a variety of factors, their cruise morphed from a 6-day journey between Göcek and Marmaris to an 8-day / 7 night adventure along the Lycian coast and through the Kekova region. We're delighted that things have worked out so well!

We'll be starting and finishing in Göcek harbour, with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and adventure during the week-long holiday.


  • The Morris Family - Graydon, Kay, Christian, and Jemma
  • The Billson Family - Terry, Debbie, Graydon, and Courtney

Day 1

  • Our guests arrived after 24 hours of event-filled travel from South Africa and we took off from Göcek harbour around 3:00PM. We headed directly across the Gulf of Fethiye to Gemiler Island, where everyone settled into the relaxing life on board a gulet.
  • Graydon amazed us with his acrobatic diving skills and managed to wakeboard behind our little dinghy.
  • It was an early night to bed as everyone was tired and we face a major travel day tomorrow.

Day 2

  • Today's journey started just after 5:00AM as we headed south from Gemiler Island, along the stretch of rugged coastline that includes Butterfly Valley and Patara Beach.
  • Our first stop of the day was a teal and turquoise coloured bay just outside of Kalkan for swimming, snorkelling, and rest.
  • After a bit of a rest, we continued westward towards the upscale resort town of Kaş. Captain Oktay anchored just outside of the Kaş harbour and everyone dinghied in for a visit (and some shopping).
  • Our final destination of the day was the Kanyon outcroppings located mid-way between Kaş and the Greek island of Meis (also called Kastellorizo). While anchored, we saw a magnificent sunset in the west at the same time as the full moon (and Jupiter!!!) rose in the east.

Day 3

  • After breakfast, we lifted anchor to continue our journey towards the Kekova region. An impromptu dance party broke out about half-way through the journey. Everyone "boogied on down" to traditional Turkish music!
  • Arriving in the Kekova region, we slowed down the boat and cruised passed the Sunken City of Kekova. Once past the sunken ruins, Captain Oktay turned the boat around and we anchored under the magnificent Simena castle.
  • Everyone took the opportunity to hike to the castle ruins AND enjoy some fabulous home-made ice-cream, which the village is known for.
  • Preferring a slightly quieter anchorage for the rest of the day, we lifted anchor and continued about 30 minutes farther east to spend the remainder of the day and overnight in Gökkaya region.

Proposed Itinerary


Departure from Göcek Harbour

thumbGemiler Island, Turkey
2. thumbKaş, Turkey
3. thumbSunken City, Turkey thumbSimena, Turkey
4. thumbMyra, Demre, Turkey thumbSt. Nicholas Church, TR thumbKekova Region, Turkey
5. thumbKalkan, Turkey
6. thumbButterfly Valley, Turkey thumbÖludeniz, Turkey
7. thumbGöcek Islands, Turkey

Return to Göcek Harbour after breakfast

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Fun Videos

Big Graydon Flips Out - Slow Motion

Terry Takes a Dive - Slow Motion

Little Graydon Leaps - Slow Motion