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Sailing West on the Lycian Coast with Friends from South Africa

A Göcek to Marmaris Adventure


Most of our cruises start and stop in Göcek harbour, but this one is a rare exception. We'll depart from Göcek as normal, then head west and ultimately end in Marmaris. This benefits everyone - our guests can maximize their cruise time, and we can position the boat for our journey to Rhodes.

The beauty of this route is that our guests can determine exactly how they want to balance their cruise time - whether relaxing, swimming, sighseeing, or sailing the open sea, there will be plenty to see and do!

Proposed Itinerary


Departure from Göcek Harbour

thumbGöcek Islands Region
4. thumbAğa Limanı, Turkey
5. thumbEkincik, Turkey thumbDalyan / Kaunos, Turkey
6. thumbMarmaris, Turkey

Finish cruise in Marmaris Harbour after breakfast

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