Guest List

Cruise Overview

This experienced group of cruisers has less than a week to spend on the water, so we've designed a route to give them maximum exposure to the area.

Day 1

  • Our guests arrived around 1 and the Göcek Harbour Master cleared us to leave the harbour shortly thereafter.
  • The first leg of today's journey took just 30 minutes, to the charming little bay at Göcek Island. We anchored up so everyone could enjoy a swim in the cool water of the Mediterranean.
  • As the weekend was winding down, many boats were making their way back to harbour. We lifted anchor and continued onwards towards Tersane Island (Shipyard Island), stopping in peaceful Summer Harbour Bay for the afternoon and evening.
  • Dinner (freshly caught sea bream and assorted mezes) was a relaxed affair on the back deck as the sun set.

Day 2

  • Happy birthday, Sam!
  • After a leisurely breakfast at Tersane Island, we lifted anchor for the 2 hour journey to the popular resort town of Ölüdeniz. While there were no waves, swells tossed us about for the middle section of the trip but everyone survived unscathed.
  • Anchoring in a small cove just off the beach for lunch, everyone paddled over to explore the Blue Lagoon. Upon returning to the boat, they got to watch the crew in action - sorting out a crossed anchor in the 30-meter deep water.
  • Mid-afternoon, we hopped over to Gemiler Island, just 30 minutes away. Pirate boats (with powerful sound system and foam cannons) were spotted enroute.
  • The group enjoyed a hike to the island's lighthouse to watch the magnificent Mediterranean sunset, returning to the boat as darkness fell.
  • Delicious barbequed chicken dinner, followed by birthday cake for dessert.

Day 3

  • Happy birthday, Sailor Selim! (Mmmm, two birthday cakes in two days!!!)
  • Captain Oktay signaled for the anchored to be lifted at 7:30AM and we made the 2 hour journey back to the Göcek-side of the Gulf of Fethiye. The wind was calm, but Arkadaslik was tossed about a bit due to swells. We anchored at ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SPOT at beautiful Ağa Limanı and decided to stay for the day.
  • Shortly after anchoring, a curious Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) stopped by for a visit. Later on, the Purse Lady made an appearance too.
  • Lively game of Scrabble - with a fair bit of cheating going on - in the shaded rear deck as the temperature climbs to 40°C
  • In the late afternoon, the group took a hike up the path at Ağa Limanı to explore the ancient church ruins and old cistern.

Day 4

  • After a leisurely breakfast and another turtle sighting in the gorgeous bay at Ağa Limani, Captain Oktay took us inside the Göcek Islands region, anchoring first at Merdivenli Bay (Stairway Bay).
  • The wind picked up while we were anchored at the mouth of the canyon, so we spent most of the afternoon in the same spot. The Purse Lady and her sturdy, toddler-aged son took shelter behind Arkadaslik until the winds calmed slightly.
  • A wildfire broke out in the mountainous forested area between Dalaman and Göcek. Smoke could be seen rising for miles.
  • Our last stop of the day was Hamam Bay, which features the ruins of an ancient bath house reputed to have been built for Cleopatra and Marc Antony in 40BC.

Day 5

  • The final full day of the trip can be described with a single word - RELAXING - as we slowly made our way through the islands towards Göcek.
  • We made a quick visit to Bedri Rahmi Bay to see the rock tombs and famous fish painting, but didn't stop due to crowds, preferring to visit less busy spots like Kitle Bükü for swimming and stand-up paddle boarding.
  • Our final stop of the day was at Şeytanlı Island (Devil Island)

Day 6

  • After breakfast at Şeytanlı Island, we lifted anchor and made the return journey to Göcek harbour. The sky was filled with helicopters attempting to douse the on-going forest fires.
  • We bid our farewells in the harbour before everyone head off on the next leg of their journey.

Postscript to the Tour

This creative group was the first to leave their Trip Advisor feedback in the form of a poem. Take a look at what they said.

And here was our reply:

Though fires burned in the mountains nearby,
We thoroughly enjoyed your cruise in July.

From champagne at breakfast and cake from the crew,
To paddle board fun and Scrabble games too,

Laughter and friendship and winds blowing high,
We'll fondly remember our friends from Dubai.