A Private Family Getaway

Exploring the Kekova Region aboard Luxury Gulet Arkadaslik


  • Sibel, Sezer, and Ece
  • Reşat, Yasemin, and Onur
  • Ekim and İris
  • Özgül


A well-earned holiday for Dr. Sibel and her family, this week-long journey starts and finishes in Göcek harbour, and lots of time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Göcek Islands region of Turkey.

Day 1

  • Guests from Ankara, Istanbul, and Paris started arriving in Göcek at 9AM and by 2PM everyone had settled on the boat, shopping was complete, and we were prepared to leave harbour.
  • First stop of the day was Flat Island, but we only stayed there for a few minutes until a better spot opened up on nearby Şeytanlı Island (Devil's Island). We lifted anchor, turned the boat around and re-set the anchor in the more protected place for lunch and swimming.
  • Late in the afternoon, Captain Oktay took us to Summer Harbour Bay at Tersane Island, where we spent the evening and enjoyed sea bream for dinner.
map of the Göcek Islands showing route taken on day 1 of the cruise

Day 2

  • Captain Oktay raised the anchor just after 7AM to ensure the smoothest possible crossing across the Gulf of Fethiye. We enjoyed a relatively calm passage and arrived at a gorgeous cove just outside the Blue Lagoon at Ölüdeniz in time for breakfast. After breakfast, everyone enjoyed some time in the water.
  • Around noon, we made the short (40 minute) trip to Gemiler Island for more time to play in the water and relax. In the late afternoon, we explored some of the island's ruins - the perfect place for Instagram photos!
map of the Göcek Islands showing route taken on day 2 of the cruise

Day 3

  • Captain Oktay raised the anchor before breakfast to take advantage of calm weather predicted for the early part of the day and we made the trip to Ağa Limanı in record time. It's such a lovely bay, we spent the entire day there. Reşat and Onur caught some fish and we spotted a porcupine waddling along the shore.
map of the Göcek Islands showing route taken on day 3 of the cruise

Day 4

  • After breakfast, we made the slightly rough trip from Ağa Limanı into the more protected Göcek Islands region, stopping first at Merdivenli Bay.
  • The Migros boat made an appearance and we all hopped in a dinghy to experience shopping at sea in the massive floating supermarket.
  • Mid-afternoon, we made our way slowly northward, stopping at At Bükü for the evening. And it RAINED! But several in the group didn't let that deter their fun in the water - and swam amidst the raindrops.
map of the Göcek Islands showing route taken on day 4 of the cruise

Day 5

  • July storms are very unusual in the area, and the sun rose as normal on Day 5 of the trip - everything brilliantly clean from yesterday's rain.
  • After taking on fresh water, we made our way slowly south, finally stopping near the ruins of an ancient hamam in aptly named Hamam Koyu, where we spent the night. (We're still undecided whether the ruins actually date back to 40BC when Cleopatra and Marc Antony would have been in the area.)
map of the Göcek Islands showing route taken on day 5 of the cruise

Day 6

  • After a relaxed breakfast and time for swimming at Hamam Bay, we made the short trip to Martılı Bay with it's rock mosaic seagull decoration and donkeys. The donkeys enjoyed our offerings of fresh water, apples, and tomatoes.
  • Then we visited the small bay between Tersane Island and Domuz Island nicknamed "Aquarium Bay" for its crystal clear water. The anchorage was incredibly busy with day trips, but everyone had the chance to swim over the ruins of the underwater house in the middle of the bay.
  • Leaving Aquarium Bay, we headed across to Bedri Rahmi Koyu where there is a giant fish painted on a rock by the famed Turkish artist and poet, Bedri Rahmi. A huge sea turtle popped up for a breath of air just as we were anchoring in the bay.
map of the Göcek Islands showing route taken on day 6 of the cruise

Day 7

  • Before departing from Bedri Rahmi Koyu, Captain Oktay took the boat over to the small dock so everyone could visit the famous fish painting and mosaic. Then we chased the Carrefour boat down in the middle of the Göcek channel to buy the necessary staples for the last day of the trip.
  • We spent the majority of the day anchored in turtle-filled Sıralı Bük, where we anchored next to a friendly couple on a sailboat.
  • Before dinner, we lifted anchor and hoisted the sails for the short trip back to Tersane Island to pick adaçayı and kekik. We enjoyed a last night together in this pretty little bay.
map of the Göcek Islands showing route taken on day 7 of the cruise

Day 8

  • After a final breakfast onboard, we head back into harbour at Göcek for a last-minute group photo at the front of the boat before saying our goodbyes.
map of the Göcek Islands showing route taken on day 8 of the cruise

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