Friends from Australia Enjoying the Ultimate in Relaxation

Exploring the Göcek Islands Region aboard Luxury Gulet Arkadaslik

Guest List

  • Maree, Tony, and Arielle
  • Emily and Richard


This leisurely cruise around the Göcek Islands is the perfect escape from every-day life. Good food, good friends, good fun - while cruising through spectacular scenery on luxurious gulet. Life doesn't get much better than this!

Day 1

  • Our friends from Australia arrived at the boat around 4PM and we head out of Göcek harbour shortly thereafter. We had originally planned to visit Tersane Island, but it was bustling with boats so we stopped for the evening at Şeytanlı Island instead. Everyone was happy to hop into the water to cool off and also had some fun on the stand-up paddle boards.
  • A relaxed evening on board, with fresh sea bream barbeque for dinner.

Day 2

  • Early morning start to take advantage of the calm waters crossing to Ölüdeniz. There was a bit of swell, but a fairly smooth crossing and we anchored at a cove just around the corner from the Blue Lagoon for breakfast.
  • After breakfast, the adults took the kayaks and Arielle took the paddleboard for an exploration of the Blue Lagoon. The sky was full of colourful parachutes as paragliders leapt from the top of nearby Mount Babadağ.
  • We then lifted anchor and took the short trip to Gemiler Island, where we stayed for the rest of the day. Richard and Arielle played like otters in the water, and explored the ruins on the island as darkness fell - worrying us all. Fortunately, they made it back to the boat safely.
  • Richard and Emily, and Tony and Arielle took to the sky - parasailing over the brilliant blue water of the Mediterranean.
  • Unfortunately, as he was heading out for the parasailing adventure, Tony noticed that his wallet was missing. Calls to the airline, the airport, the transfer driver, and an extensive search of the boat proved fruitless. We will adjust the itinerary and head to Fethiye in the morning to report the loss to police.

Day 3

  • We headed away from Gemiler Island around 7:30AM and made our way to Fethiye harbour, eating breakfast enroute. Upon disembarking, the group visited various agencies to report Tony's loss and then did some sight-seeing and souvenir shopping.
  • In the early afternoon, we headed back to sea, passing Çalış Beach as we made our way to Çığlık Bay for the rest of the day.
  • Interesting fact: Çığlık means "scream" and we were witness to a massive screaming match on a neighbouring boat in the middle of the night.

Day 4

  • We ate a leisurely breakfast in Çığlik Bay before heading to Summer Harbour Bay at Tersane Island for a few hours. The bay was crowded, so Captain Oktay raised the anchor for the short trip to a quieter anchorage at beautiful Kitle Bükü.
  • As evening approached, we made our way to Hamam Bay for the night. Dinner was served next to the ruins of an ancient Turkish bathhouse reputed to have been built for Cleopatra and Marc Antony.
  • The Backgammon board was put into action - with several tournaments completed during the cruise.

Day 5

  • We left Hamam Bay while it was still quiet (i.e., before the daily boat trips started to arrive) and made way to nearby Martılı Bay, home to a gigantic mosaic artwork depicting a seagull diving into the sea. The water conditions were not optimal for swimming, so we didn't stay long and continued on our journey to Sıralı Bük for a few hours of water fun and relaxation.
  • Next, we made a quick visit to Bedri Rahmi Bay to take a look at the iconic fish painting by Turkey's beloved author and poet who popularized gulet cruising in the area.
  • Our final evening of the trip was spent in a pretty bay surrounded by pine trees at At Bükü.
  • We celebrated Arielle's birthday a day early with cake for dessert after dinner, and everyone had the opportunity to hang a streamer on the "congratulations" banner.

Day 6

  • Happy birthday, Arielle!
  • Returned to harbour after breakfast so everyone could enjoy a quick wander around town before heading to Bodrum for the next leg of their Turkish vacation.

Map of the Area

map of the fethiye, gocek, and gocek islands region of turkey Download as PDF

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