Cruise Overview

Our Göcek Island Getaways are perfectly suited for short cruises like this one. Rather than head out with a specific route in mind, we'll stay flexible and see where the wind takes us!

Day 1

Departed Göcek Harbour about 10:30AM and made our way to Kitle Bükü for the first swim break of the trip. After lunch, we lifted anchor and headed to Bedri Rahmi Koyu to see the fish painting and tombs overlooking the peaceful bay. There was plenty of activity in the area as it is a popular spot for daily boat trips, but it quieted down as the afternoon progressed. Our final stop of the day was peaceful Martili Bay, featuring a white rock mosaic of a seagull diving into the sea, and donkeys and goats. (One of the donkeys recently (within the past week) gave birth and we are hoping to see the newborn baby before leaving the area.) We shared the bay with lots of sailboats, a few gulets, and a massive superyacht. Everyone enjoyed swimming and relaxing in the spectacular scenery - with cicadias chirping their background music as the sun set on a wonderful day.

Day 2

We delayed departure from Martili Bay until well after breakfast, hoping the donkeys would make an appearance, but they never showed up. Lifting anchor, we made our way to Hamam Bay with it's lovely ruins of an ancient bathhouse, and a Tarzan rope (which is likely more popular than the ruins!). Mark, Ben, and Chef Ozan gave the rope swing a try. As we were enjoying the area, the boat next to ours had a medical emergency (bee sting) and the sailor (accompanied by his captain) was taken away to the hospital by the Coast Guards. Captain Oktay kept watch over their boat until both returned safely, then we lifted our anchor to continue our journey. We made a quick stop at the Migros boat to get some much needed supplies (potato chips!) and headed outside of the Göcek Islands region towards Kocabük where we spent the night. When we arrived, we were the only boat in the area, but 4 sailboats joined us in the turquoise water before the night was over. Enjoyed a wonderful dinner of barbequed sea bass and then everyone slept under the stars.

Day 3

Started the day with the sight of a sunrise over Mount Babadağ, followed by breakfast and swimming. Then we lifted anchor and continued south towards Ağa Limanı where we decided to spend the rest of the day. It's a great spot for swimming, snorkelling, and fish spotting. Chef Ozan took Alex and Ben around the peninsula to visit the red rock beach, and Ben drove the dinghy. After dinner, Ben and Alex took a late night swim while Captain Oktay tried to catch calamari attracted to the boat's underwater swim lights.

Day 4

A leisurely day as we made our way slowly back through the Göcek Islands region towards Göcek harbour for a late day disembarkation.

map of the Göcek Islands region of Turkey

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