Guest List

Steve and Susan, Clive and Carol, David and Lesley, David and Marian

Crew List

Captain Oktay, Chef Mihrican, Sailor Muratcan, Sue

The Cruise Story

Day 1 - Fethiye - Kitle Bükü - Tersane Island

  • All aboard and temperatures taken, we lifted anchor and headed out of Fethiye harbour around 2PM.
  • We slowly made our way towards the Göcek Islands. There was a bit of a swell, but it was relatively smooth sailing as we took out time finding a suitable first stop. Beer and gin & tonics were the order of the day as we scouted around for a suitable anchorage. The bay at Tersane Island was too crowded when we first arrived, so we continued onwards Kitle Bükü for first swim.
  • After some time for swimming, we lifted anchor and returned to Summer Harbour Bay at Tersane Island, where we spent the rest of the day. Captain Oktay fired up the barbecue and prepared delicious sea bream while Chef Mirhican whipped up her amazing mezes in the kitchen. In the meanwhile, Sue and Sailor Muratcan kept the drinks flowing.
  • Dinner was a relaxed affair in the quiet bay. We could hear occassional laughter and singing from the neighbouring boats, but it was peaceful enough that almost everyone slept on deck.
map of day 1 of the cruise route

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Day 2 - Tersane Island - Boynuz Bükü - Bedri Rahmi Koyu - Martilli Bay

  • The day started with swimming and coffee / tea before breakfast, and then some time for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboard fun at Tersane while the crew cleaned up the breakfast dishes.
  • We then made our way to Boynuz Bükü, where we connected with The Purse Lady. After much oohing and ahhing over the choices, the ladies made their selections, including several colourful purses and a few lovely cover-ups. (The Purse Lady's boat was broken, so we waved farewell as she was being towed back to Göcek for repairs.)
  • Purchases made, we continued on our journey and stopped under the tombs at Bedri Rahmi Koyu. (The bay is named after a famous Turkish author and poet who painted a big fish mural on a rock near the fresh water spring.) The group relaxed and swam, then enjoyed lunch in the picturesque anchorage.
  • Our final stop of the day was Martilli Bay, home to the giant stone mosaic of a seagull diving into the water. An adolescent sea turtle welcomed us to the bay, swimming around the boat shortly after we arrived.
  • The crew prepared another impressive dinner - barbecued chicken and all the trimmings - and the evening was a quiet affair with lots of laughter and good conversation.
map of day 2 of the cruise route

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Day 3 - Martilli Bay - Hamam Koyu - Aquarium Bay - Tarzan Bay

  • Hundreds of fish swam around the boat as we woke on Day 3 of the cruise. Small ones at first, but the bigger fish quickly arrived and started their attack on the littler ones.
  • After breakfast, everyone spent some time enjoying the crystal clear water in the bay as the crew cleared the table and washed dishes.
  • Then we made the short trip to Hamam Koyu to see the remains of an ancient bath house rumoured to have been built for Cleopatra. Luckily for us, a motor yacht was just leaving a nice spot by the ruins so we were able to slip into their place for a couple of hours. Everyone was encouraged to visit the ruins before the hoards of daily boats arrived. As they did, we lifted anchor and headed to our next destination of the day to escape the masses.
  • We cruised past ever-popular Merdivenli Bay but it was full, so we continued a bit farther to aptly named Aquarium Bay where we spent most of the afternoon. Named for the gorgeous clear water, Aquarium Bay is fabulous for snorkelling. We had a lazy lunch, followed by naps in the hot afternoon sun.
  • Just before tea time (blue berry cake), we lifted anchor and started to make our way towards Fethiye, stopping at Tarzan Bay for dinner and overnight. The bay is popular with daily boat trippers, but was nearly empty when we arrived and provided a fine anchorage for our final night of the cruise.
  • Everyone congregated at the front of the boat while Captain Oktay barbequed our steak dinner and Chef Mihrican did her meze magic in the kitchen. Dinner was a fabulous feast!
map of day 3 of the cruise route

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Day 4 - Tarzan Bay - Fethiye Harbour

  • We had a slow start to the day and a leisurely last breakfast, not in any hurry to get back to harbour.
  • Once the table was cleared, we lifted anchor and made our way to Fethiye harbour as the daily boats raced past us in the opposite direction.
  • Safely achored along the kordon, we said our goodbyes. Until next time...
map of day 4 of the cruise route

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