Mini Adventures and Rest & Relaxation in the Göcek Islands and Beyond

Guest List

Chris and Freda, Paul and Jill, Ian and Jules

captain oktay and our guests

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Crew List

Captain Oktay, Chef Ozan, Sailor Murat, Sue

Highlights of The Journey

Day 1 – Göcek – Domuz Island

  • We collected our guests in Göcek harbour and quickly headed out into the Göcek Islands region. First stop was the small, un-named bay at Domuz Island (Pig Island), where everyone spent the rest of the day and evening relaxing and adjusting to boat life.
  • Dinner featured fish and calamari, and was followed by birthday cake for Paul and Freda, who had celebrated birthdays just before their cruise.
map of day 1 of the cruise route

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Day 2 – Domuz Island – Merdivenli Bay Binlik Bay – Hamam Bay

  • After breakfast, we made our way to Merdivenli Bay (Stairway Bay) for a hike to the settlement at the top of the hill and climb into the caves.
  • Then we lifted harbour and went to Binlik Bay where Chef Ozan prepared one of his specialties for lunch, Green Bean Casserole.
  • The afternoon was spent swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding, before we lifted anchor for the final anchorage of the day, Hamam Bay.
  • Hamam Bay is named for the ruins of an ancient bath house (hamam) nestled in the corner of the bay. (Legend says it was built for Cleopatra and Marc Antony.)
map of day 2 of the cruise route

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Day 3 – Hamam Bay – Little Ağa Limanı

  • Some of the group enjoyed a short hike around Hamam Bay to explore the ruins and enjoy the scenery after breakfast. Then we lifted anchor and made our way to Little Ağa Limanı, a protected bay just south of the Göcek Islands region.
  • The weather was good when we arrived at Ağa Limanı, which is a beautifully clear bay fed by underground springs, so snorkelling was the order the day.
  • Thunder, lightning, and strong winds were forecast for the afternoon, and Mother Nature did not disappoint.
  • A few other boats pulled into the anchorage as the storm approached – including a group of sailors who proudly embraced and displayed their nudity for all to see.
naked sailor

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  • Our group, relaxed and comfortable in the tented back deck, ate a late dinner and sang well into the night as the winds howled outside.
map of day 3 of the cruise route

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Day 4 – Little Ağa Limanı – Ölüdeniz – Gemiler Island

  • The winds calmed overnight and Captain Oktay lifted the anchor and we made our way across to Ölüdeniz in the morning. Enroute, we ate a hearty Turkish Breakfast and found two fenders (boat balloons) floating on the sea, probably lost by other boats during the storm.)
  • We anchored at a small bay near the main beach at Ölüdeniz and everyone headed ashore experience the new cable cars up Mount Babadağ.
  • When everyone returned to the boat, we made our way to historic Gemiler Island for a relaxing afternoon and evening. The crew prepared Turkish meatballs for dinner.
map of day 4 of the cruise route

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Day 5 – Gemiler Island – Fethiye – Summer Harbour Bay at Tersane Island

  • Chef Ozan served a small breakfast of lentil soup before the group headed out on a short hike around Gemiler Island. We appreciated a bigger breakfast upon return to the boat afterwards.
  • Once the breakfast table was cleared, Captain Oktay lifted anchor and took us through some rough and rolling seas towards Fethiye.
  • In Fethiye, the crew filled the water tanks and bought a few supplies. Guests enjoyed a wander through the old town of Paspateur and some shopping for wine and other goodies.
  • We ate a late lunch in a small bay just outside of the harbour, then the crew raised our sails and we made our way to the day's final destination: Summer Harbour Bay on Tersane Island.
  • Dinner included barbecued sea bass, calamari, octopus and a variety of mezes. Delish!
map of day 5 of the cruise route

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Day 6 – Summer Harbour Bay – Sıralı Bük – Bedri Rahmi Bay

  • Leisurely start to the day at Summer Harbour Bay, with time for Paul to go bird watching on the island and swimming for all.
  • Just before lunch, Oktay headed the boat to Sıralı Bük for a meal of stuffed peppers and courgette fritters.
  • Cribbage and crosswords were the games of the day. (If anyone is keeping track, it's Canada 1, UK 0 on the cribbage scoreboard)
  • As the afternoon progressed, a few clouds gathered and sent us rain showers as we moved to our next anchorage of the day.
  • Called Taşyaka Koyu on the marine charts, but referred to as Bedri Rahmi Bay by the locals, the quiet bay is home to a folk-art style painting of a fish by famed Turkish poet Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, the man credited with popularizing gulet cruises in the 1970s.
  • We anchored beneath ancient tombs and Chef Ozan prepared a lovely cinnamon cake. Sailor Murat picked some beautiful pink flowers for all the ladies – but they turned out to be Oleander, which we learned is poisonous. Everyone agreed that his intent was good, but he won't be encouraged to do it again.
  • Dinner included cheesy, baked mashed potatoes (ask Jill for the recipe) and Adana Kebabs.
cheesy baked potatoes

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map of day 6 of the cruise route

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Day 7 – Bedri Rahmi Bay – Martili Bay – Kitle Bükü – Flat Island

  • Another leisurely start to the day with a relaxed breakfast at Bedri Rahmi Bay. Sunshine has returned and it is warm!
  • We then made the trip to Martili Bay for more fun in the sun and water. Sue and Captain Oktay went off for a short hike, while Chef Ozan and Sailor Murat stayed behind and entertained the guests.
  • Lunch was a lovely beef stew cooked in traditional clay pots.
  • After lunch, we headed out and ended up anchoring at Kitle Bükü before making our way to Flat Island as our final anchorage of the evening. A short, but strong wind storm popped up, which necessited re-anchoring in pelting rain and wavy conditions. The storm disappeared as quickly as it started up, and the boat was secure for the evening.
  • Sue and Ian played another round of cribbage, and Canada was victorious again. Better keep practicing, Ian ;-)
map of day 7 of the cruise route

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Day 8 – Farewells

  • We made our way into Göcek harbour, passing close to superyacht Eclipse and her submarine, and bid our new friends goodbye. Although the farewells were sad, we know we'll see this group again – as they've already booked for September 2023. Look out Kekova, here we come!
map of day 8 of the cruise route

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Chris and Freda, Paul and Jill, and Ian and Jules,

Thank you for a fantastically, fun week. It will go down in the memory books as the "crosswords and cribbage cruise". We are already looking forward to your visit next year!

Lots of love,

Sue, Captain Oktay, Chef Ozan, and Sailor Murat