Family Week with Friends and Family from Canada and the UK

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Day 1

  • Everyone met in Göcek at 2PM and we were underway by 2:30PM, cruising through the Göcek islands and heading into to the Gulf of Fethiye towards Gemiler Island. Conditions were rough, making a few guests were uncomfortable, so we altered course and spent the evening in Turunç Bay instead.
  • Turunç Bay was a bit crowded, but Captain Oktay secured a great spot away from the noisy beach bar and we were able to enjoy a gorgeous sunset, swimming, and an evening of fun, laughter, and good food and drink together.
  • First dinner of the trip was Adana kebabs (prepared in the kitchen to comply with the region's barbeque ban).
map of day 1 of the cruise route

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Day 2

  • Early morning start on Day 2 - and five hours of cruising to get to our next planned destination, Firnaz Bay outside of Kalkan. The start of the trip was a bit rough, but conditions calmed quickly and we were able to eat breakfast enroute.
  • We anchored in Firnaz Bay for several hours, enjoying the turquoise waters and lunch before continuing eastwards to Kaş.
  • We passed by the Greek island of Kastellorizo (Meis), enjoying a spectaculr sunset as we cruised, and anchored in Biyinder Bay for the evening. Captain Oktay bravely lit the barbeque (and other boats quickly followed suit) and we a seafood feast (sea bass, shrimp and calamari) for dinner. We shared several boxes of Turkish Delight for dessert.
map of day 2 of the cruise route

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Day 3

  • Day 3 of the adventure featured a relaxed start, with breakfast around 9:30AM. Once the breakfast table was cleared, we made our way to the mouth of Kaş harbour where everyone (except Stewart, who was feeling unwell) headed into town to stretch their legs and grab an ice cream to counteract the hot and muggy weather.
  • After the onshore jaunt, we lifted anchor and made a short journey to Aquarium Bay, for swimming and lunch. The bay features incredibly clear water, plus a tiny canyon and miniature beach. Spectacular!
  • Late in the afternoon, we continued eastward towards the Kekova region. When we arrived in the environmentally protected area, Captain Oktay slowed down the engine so we could slowly pass by the Sunken City of Kekova. Then, he turned around in the channel and we anchored at the foot of Simena Castle for the night.
  • Most of the group took a wander around the castle village, but we'll make our climb to the top tomorrow morning when temperatures are slightly cooler.
  • Tonight, we'll have a dinner of barbequed meatballs and enjoy good company and a wonderful view.
map of day 3 of the cruise route

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Day 4

  • Everyone decided to tackle the climb to the top of Simena castle before breakfast. Even with an 8AM start, it was HOT! But we all made it safely up, and down, and enjoyed breakfast when we returned to the boat. General consensus - the views were well worth the effort!
  • Captain Oktay lifted anchor before the breakfast dishes were cleared from the table, and we made our way to Demre harbour about 45 minutes away. This is the farthest point east on the cruise, so the crew took the opportunity to clean the boat and fill the fresh water tanks while we ventured into town for visits to the historic city of Myra and the St. Nicholas Church museum. After touring the sites, we stopped for a bite to eat before returning to the boat.
  • Stewart stayed behind with the crew and got to see several Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) swimming around the boats in the shallow harbour.
  • Once everyone was back onboard, Captain Oktay took us to see a pirate cave in Gökkaya and then found a peaceful anchorage for the night. A barbeque chicken dinner topped off a perfect day exploring Turkey's historic Lycian Coast.
map of day 4 of the cruise route

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Day 5

  • On Day 5 of the cruise, we started the return journey towards Göcek. Captain Oktay headed out just after 8AM and we ate breakfast at the Five Islands, located midway between Kastellorizo (Greece) and Kaş (Turkey).
  • It also happened to be the day that everyone needed to do a bit of laundry, so the clothes lines were full - and everything dried quickly in the heat and gentle breeze.
  • After some time for swimming, we continued our journey, stopping at an old fish farm located outside of Kalkan for lunch and relaxation.
  • Around 5PM, we headed into Kalkan town for a bit of a wander. Isabel and Jack went in search of their hotel to prepare for an important interview, and everyone else returned to the boat for the evening.
  • We'll be having seafood dinner this evening - sea bream, shrimp, calamari, and a variety of mezes. Yummy!
map of day 5 of the cruise route

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Day 6

  • Day 6 dawned early and we left the anchorage near Kalkan around 6AM. The journey was fairly smooth and we made amazing time, arriving at Ölüdeniz just after 10AM. We enjoyed a quick breakfast, and then made contact with Isabel and Jack, who travelled to Öludeniz by taxi.
  • After meeting along the beach front, everyone hopped into taxis to the bottom of the area's newest attraction - the Babadağ Teleferik. The cable car ride to 1700 meters above sea level provides an incredible view and everyone enjoyed a lovely lunch in the sunshine nearly 2KM above the sea!
  • Upon returning to the boat, we made the short trip to a bay near Gemiler Island and prepared to settle in for the night. Unfortunately, the coast guard approached the boat and asked us to move along. (It appears a superyacht was given preference for the night.) So we lifted anchor, moved 300 meters and anchored off Gemiler Island, next to a pirate / party boat that promised to return to harbour by midnight.
  • The pirate boat left just after sunset, but provided lively entertainment - including YMCA by the Village People - in the meantime. It was quite entertaining!
  • Steak and mezes were served for dinner when the pirate boat left and quiet returned to the island.
map of day 6 of the cruise route

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Day 7

  • We made our way out of the Gemiler region before breakfast, crossing the Gulf of Fethiye and arriving in the Göcek Islands region as breakfast was served.
  • Our first stop was Hamam Bay, named for the ruins of an ancient bath house (hamam) nestled in the corner of the bay. We spent most of the day here, enjoying the water and spectacular beauty of the area.
  • Around 5PM, we made the short trip to Tersane Island, anchoring in Summer Harbour Bay for the night. Chef Ozan prepared a lovely Ottoman Kebab (beef stew prepared in a clay pot) for dinner, a truly authentic Turkish meal.
map of day 7 of the cruise route

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Day 8

  • We slowly made our way towards the Göcek harbour as the breakfast plates were cleared away. Ian and Mary made their way to the airport for an early flight, Stewart and Bonnie checked into a local hotel, and Jack and Isabel settled in to wait for their afternoon flight back to the UK. Belinda and Jason hopped between groups, sad to say goodbye to their respective family members, but excited for week two of their Blue Cruise adventure.
map of day 8 of the cruise route

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