Cruise Details

Dates October 11th to 18th, 2022
Status CONFIRMED - 2 cabins booked, 2 cabins available
Price 2275 Euro per cabin (1 or 2 people)

As always, our prices include all meals and snacks, unlimited drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), accommodation and use of all on-board amenities, friendly and professional crew service, fuel, and everything else you'd expect on an all-inclusive, luxury cruise.

Planned Route

The classic Kekova route starts and ends in Göcek, and features visits to several popular destinations along Turkey's Turquoise Coast, including:

map of planned route for cruise to Kekova cruise in October 2022

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The route is fully detailed on our Classic Kekova Cruise page.

If this cruise is something you'd like to learn more about, please get in touch with Sue or Oktay today.