Amazing Places: Tilos, Greece

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Updated: February 20, 2020

Tilos is a relatively small Greek island measuring 63 KM2 and 63 KM around. Wholly reliant on renewable energy sources, the entire island has been declared a nature preserve where hunting is forbidden. That means there is an abundance of wildlife and bird species living amongst the few hundred people who call the island home.

Sparsely populated, the island's small settlements and buildings are built near the many natural freshwater springs throughout the island.

Although composed mostly of volcanic stone, there is a fertile valley in the middle of the island. Until the 1970s, the island was a major source of produce for the surrounding islands – almonds, cereals, chick peas, grapes, olives, and vegetables – leading to its nickname "the breadbasket of the Dodecanese". Prior to WWII, farmers on the island also raised cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs, but the livestock was killed off for food during the war and never re-introduced to the island.

Similar to the other islands in the Dodecanese region, Tilos has a long, bloodied history. Nowadays, it is a peaceful retreat for history lovers and hiking / trekking enthusiasts. In fact, popular hiking trails are listed on several websites including the Municipality of Tilos,, and Tilos Trails.

Tilos is definitely an island that warrants a longer visit than our very short stop-over in 2018. We'll be back!

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