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How Can I Prevent Seasickness?

Tried and True Tips for Preventing Seasickness

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The good news is that classic wood gulets are massive vessels, and therefore very stable in the water. However, each person's response to the continuous rocking motion of the boat (even while anchored) varies and some people become seasick.

What is sea sickness?

Sea sickness is a form of motion sickness that occurs when your senses send conflicting information to your brain. On a boat, it is usually caused when the signals sent by receptors in your inner ear don't match the signals sent from your eyes.

When your brain gets confused by the mixed messages, you may start to experience symptoms which include nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Other common signs are sweating and a general feeling of unease. Not exactly how you want to feel during your dream vacation!

Overcoming Seasickness

For guests who already know they are susceptible to seasickness (also called motion sickness, mal de mer, or our favourite, sea stomach), we suggest consulting with your doctor or pharmacist for advice and medication in advance of your vacation. It is important to be proactive, as most medications are only effective if taken before the symptoms begin.

In the event that you do become ill while on board, please advise a member of the crew immediately. (Don't be embarrassed - it can happen to the most experienced of sailors from time to time!) Captain Oktay will closely monitor the weather conditions and stay in calm, protected waters for the smoothest voyage possible, which should help minimize your symptoms.

Don't let the fear of getting seasick ruin a potentially great vacation. Plan ahead and be prepared to ensure you feel ship-shape for the duration of the sailing holiday of your dreams.