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Arkadaslik Yachting

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Small wooden ship sailing along the coast of Turkey Two women paddle a kayak in a secluded bay near Kekova Guests jump into the water during their upscale Day Trip from Fethiye The dorsal fins of 3 dolphins breaching water near Fethiye, Turkey Young women dressed as mermaids swim alongside the boat A group of guests pretending to be synchronized swimmers A mermaid swims under water near the gulet

Photo Galleries

Tourist Sites We've Visited in Turkey and Greece

We do most of our travels aboard Arkadaslik, but also enjoying the inland tourist sites in Turkey and Greece. Here are some of our curated photo galleries for your enjoyment.

Alimnia, Greece

Ephesus, Turkey

House of the Virgin Mary, Turkey

You are invited to share our albums and/or individual photos as long as the watermarks are not removed and photographic credit is given to Arkadaslik Yachting. All rights reserved.