An Afternoon at Alimnia (Greece)

Alimnia (or Alimia, as it is also called) is a tiny, deserted island located just west of the island of Rhodes in the Dodecanese region of the Greek islands. While technically uninhabited, it's home to a few goatherds and more than a few goats and donkeys.

The island is also home to a beautifully maintained church, and the ruins of an ancient castle high atop the island's peak and more-recent WWII military barracks on the shore - complete with stone outhouse!

The island is only accessible by boat and does not have wifi or cellular coverage, making it a perfect "get away" location. Because of it's remoteness, guests visiting the protected bay on the south side of the island are almost guaranteed a peaceful visit, without interruption or distraction. The water in the bay is crystal clear and relatively shallow, lending it a stunning turquoise colour, truly a picturesque and relaxing cruise destination.

Interesting Trivia: The island was used as the filming location for a "Survivor-like" Belgian reality TV show in 2016. Participants were dropped off without food or supplies and spent 10 days completing various challenges.

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