Our Day on the Trail

sign describing the history of the Lycian Trail

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Day 2 on the Lycian Trail was a relative walk in the park compared to Day 1. We opted for (what the guide book described as) "the easy option", a 7km trail, mostly through forest, which we felt we could complete in daylight hours.

Although it was a relatively short route, the challenge lay in its steep hills - up and down - over slippery rocks. Really steep. And pretty darned slippery. But we took our time and arrived in Kabak unscathed.

We met several friendly people along the way on Day 2, including beekeepers selling honey by the side of the road. We bought a small jar, figuring the extra weight in our packs was worth it.

The scenery was spectacular, and you couldn't ask for better weather.

We've got established roles on the trail. Oktay is in charge of leading the way and clearing cobwebs from the trail. I'm responsible for technology (GPS and tracking apps) and social media. We haven't camped yet, but when we do, I'm the tent setter-upper, and Oktay is camp cook.

Still no blisters to report. No rubs or discomfort from our packs. Legs are a bit rubbery and feet are sore, but that is to be expected given our level of fitness (or lack thereof) at this stage. Our snack supply is good. And our guest house in Kabak promises hot water so we can shower. (Last night's shower temperature could best be described as tepid.)

We're already looking forward to Day 3 of hiking the Lycian Trail!

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