Our Day on the Trail

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Day 5 on the Lycian Trail was short distance-wise, but challenging terrain-wise. Lots of loose rock, prickly holly bushes, steep hills - and a rock slide! Our morning start was quite relaxed and we enjoyed walking past farms along the dirt road. Even the hills didn't faze us - we're getting stronger!

Late in the morning, the terrain changed to narrow goat paths over loose rock, and we began heading downhill. Our pace slowed, but we managed to hit the midway point of today's trail within a reasonable time.

After lunch in a beautiful spot overlooking the sea, we returned to the trail and immediately found that a recent rock slide had destroyed parts of the path. It took us nearly half an hour to navigate 300 meters. Stones tumbled down the mountain as we made our way across the rubble. It was scary, but we made it safely!

Unfortunately, we had a minor mishap at this point. After crossing the rock slide area, we stopped for a water break - and Oktay discovered he'd left his phone at the lunch spot. He had to cross the dangerous section of path twice more to retrieve it. He was slow and cautious, and returned unscathed. But it's a stretch of path we never want to try again.

The rest of today's journey took.us uphill and down (and uphill again) through heavy forest. We were happy to arrive in the tiny village of Bel for the night.

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