Are cruises safe?

Arkadaslik Yachting's Boat Safety Program

The Arkadaslik Yachting team is a friendly and welcoming bunch. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during your cruise, so don't impose a lot of "rules". The only exceptions are:

  1. Don’t flush toilet paper or hygiene products down the toilets. Paper products gum up the boat's septic system, leading to clogs and blockages. And when one person experiences a plumbing problem onboard, we ALL experience a plumbing problem.

    Please dispose of toilet paper and hygiene products in the waste bins located beside your toilet. They are emptied daily (or more often if requested) when your bathroom is being cleaned.

  2. Smoking is permitted on deck, but is prohibited inside the (solid wood, highly varnished, and therefore, extremely flammable) boat. Violators will be fed to the sharks.
  3. The propeller is powerful enough to thrust our massive gulet through the sea and, when engaged, poses a significant danger for swimmers. Please don’t jump into the water when the engine is running. And, if the engine starts while you are in the water, please swim AWAY from the boat. We promise we won’t leave you behind.

... She has also perfected the art of allowing her guests the sense of freedom to do as they please within a well-articulated set of safety rules...

That’s it - three simple rules to you keep you and the boat safe. Having said that, please rest assured that safety is our top priority.

  • The crew receive formal training in boat safety and first aid
  • Our staffing ratio (3 or 4 crew to a maximum of 8 passengers) permits us to be attentive to guest needs and respond quickly to safety issues and emergencies
  • At least one crew member stays on board the boat at all times for security purposes
  • The boat undergoes annual safety inspection by the Harbour Master and is equipped to travel in international waters with:
    • First aid kit
    • Hand rails
    • Life jackets and life rings
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Emergency water pump / fire sprinkler system
    • Fire blankets
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Navigational equipment - GPS and radar
    • Communications equipment - VHS radio and walkie talkies
    • Life raft
    • Safety flares
    • Survival suits

By their nature, gulet cruises are safe, family-friendly holidays. Our security and boat safety program exceeds the minimum requirements for cruising in international waters to ensure you experience the yachting vacation of your dreams.