Amazing Places: Ekincik, Turkey

Exploring Turkey's Turquoise Coast with Arkadaslik Yachting

Updated: January 13, 2020

Surrounded by forested hills on the Mediterranean coast between Dalyan and Marmaris, the small fishing village of Ekincik is a popular yachting anchorage. There are no big hotels, restaurants, or bars in the area – just acres and acres of pine trees, the occasional ancient ruin, and small family farms – making it a rustic piece of paradise for holiday makers who prefer nature and solitude to bright lights and partying. Besides having a beautiful stretch of beach and plenty of caves for adventure loving visitors, Ekincik is a convenient step-off point for cruisers who want to visit the nearby Dalyan region by water taxi.

The delta is too shallow to allow entry by most boats, so access by water taxi is a logical option when travelling by sea. It is also possible to walk along marked hiking trails overlooking the sea between Ekincik and Dalyan, with a visit to the ancient city of Kaunos along the way.

The area is known for its delicious pine honey.

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