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Gulet sailing past some islands near Fethiye, Turkey Aerial view of gulet anchored along secluded shoreline near Göceck, Turkey Purple and orange sunset silhouettes gulet anchored off Çalış Beach in Turkey

Answers to our Most Frequently Asked Questions

All about Gulets, Cruises, and Travel in Turkey

We're always available to answer questions about gulets, cruising, and exploring the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and the Greek Dodecanese islands.  Here are a few of the most common questions we're asked:

Close-up of Turkish flag Is Turkey safe?
Gulet anchored in a peaceful bay in Turkey's Kekova region What is a "Blue Cruise"?
Gulet anchored beside motor yachts during a Blue Cruse vacation What is a "Turkish Gulet"? (And what's the correct way to pronounce it?)
Overstuffed red suitcase What should I pack for a gulet cruise?
Close-up of waves crashing on a beach How can I prevent seasickness?
Young woman dressed like a mermaid swimming under water How do women dress in Turkey?
Swimming man pretending he is being attacked by a shark Are there sharks in the Mediterranean?

Have you got a question that isn't answered here? Get in touch and we'll do our best to get you answers!