House of the Virgin Mary in Pictures: A Photo Gallery

The House of the Virgin Mary, Selçuk, Turkey

Located high in the hills overlooking Ephesus near Selçuk, this site is believed to have been the home of the Virgin Mary before her death (Assumption). It is now a peaceful museum and shrine run by the local Belediye. We had the chance to visit in March 2018.

The shrine standing on the site was built on the foundation of the original house. It is a simple building. constructed of grey rock quarried in the area. In addition to the chapel, there is a natural spring on the property - whose water is reputed to have remarkable restorative and healing properties - and a prayer wall covered with small pieces of paper and fabric holding prayers of the faithful. The surrounding gardens are beautiful, with many statues of the Virgin Mary.

For obvious reasons, many Christians visit the site, but it also important in Muslim culture because Mary is recognized as the mother of the prophet Jesus.

Visiting the Site

We hope you enjoyed the photos from our trip to the House of the Virgin Mary!