A Shared Cruise that Turned into a Private Cruise

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When we plan our shared cruises, we generally confirm the trip once 3 of the 4 cabins are booked. This time, because we were missing the Greek Islands, we decided to proceed without a full complement of guests. It was win-win for everyone involved!

The Itinerary

Day 1

Fethiye - Ağa Limanı

  • After clearing customs in Fethiye, we left the harbour and made our way to Ağa Limanı for the first swim of the cruise. The 3 hour journey was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other.
  • Our guests were quickly enticed to jump into the clear water at Ağa Limanı.
  • Carole is a vegan and we spent some time discussing each day's menu to ensure each meal met her dietary requirements. (Spoiler Alert: They did!)
  • We had an early night as Day 2 of this route requires a very early wake-up call.
map of day 1 of the cruise route

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Day 2

Ağa Limanı - Rhodes

  • We lifted anchor just as the sun was peaking over the horizion and made our way towards the northern tip of Rhodes. The ride was relatively smooth and we arrived in Rhodes harbour around 11AM.
  • Our Greek agent, Stavros, met us when we arrived in the marina, and we were quickly cleared through entrance formalities.
  • After breakfast, Jim and Carole headed out to explore the medieval walled city. Sue, Captain Oktay, and the crew went shopping.
  • We met up for pre-dinner drinks and then the entire group headed back to town, enjoying a fabulous dinner at Mama Sofia's in Old Town.
map of day 2 of the cruise route

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Day 3

Rhodes - Bozukkale - Symi

  • We left Rhodes marina around 9:00AM and made our way across to Bozukkale for breakfast. The crossing was fairly smooth and we saw boats of all shapes and sizes along the way.
  • Our stop at Bozukkale was quick - just time for breakfast and a swim - before continuing the journey.
  • Just after leaving the shelter of Bozukkale, we passed "Ekmek Bürnü", a spot where sailors traditionally throw bread into the sea and send out a prayer of gratitude. We did the same!
  • Then, onwards to Symi, where we dropped anchor surrounded by the beauty of the colourful Greek village. Our agent made quick work of the boat papers and we were soon able to wander around the hilly seaside town, exploring at leisure.
  • We ate another fabulous dinner aboard Arkadaslik, surrounded by the sparkling village lights, and fell asleep to the sounds of Greek music from the nearby bars and restaurants.
map of day 3 of the cruise route

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Day 4

Symi - Serçe Bay - Ekincik

  • We left Symi harbour early, passing by Ekmek Bürnü again (and throwing bread into the water), and anchoring at Serçe Bay for breakfast. A local seller in a tiny rowboat stopped by with his wares while we were anchored in the picturesque bay, and Sue and Oktay bought 2 carpets as gifts for Canadian friends.
  • After breakfast and time for swimming, we continued eastward, making our way to the tiny village of Ekincik where we made a short stop for diesel and fresh bread. Then we anchored in a nearby bay for the evening.
  • A sailor in a nearby boat entertained us, singing a variety of songs as we ate dinner and star-gazed well into the evening.
map of day 4 of the cruise route

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Day 5

Ekincik - Göcek Islands (Summer Harbour Bay at Tersane Island)

  • We made the long journey from Ekincik to the protection of the Göcek Islands in good time. The water was smooth and the breeze kept everyone onboard comfortable.
  • The Göcek Islands region is still relatively busy, so it took some time to find a nice anchorage. We settled in at Summer Harbour Bay on Tersane Island for the night. The bay is always popular because the vegetation acts as a natural insect repellant.
map of day 5 of the cruise route

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Day 6

Tersane Island - Bedri Rahmi Bay - Sıralı Bük - Binlik Bay

    We visited a few bays today: Bedri Rahmi with its folkart style painting of a fish; Sıralı Bük, a gorgeous spot for swimming and paddle boarding; and Binlik Bay, to mingle with the super yachters.
    Overall, it was just a relaxing day to enjoy the sunshine and gentle rocking of the boat surrounded by the beauty of the Göcek Islands.
map of day 6 of the cruise route

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Day 7

Binlik Bay - Çiğlik Bay - Rabbit Island

  • Another day of bay hopping and relaxation.
  • Our final stop of the day was Red Island - also known as Rabbit Island - just outside of Fethiye. We spent an enjoyable evening reminiscing over our favourite memories of the trip and watching the sparkling lights of the Fethiye and Çalış shoreline as night fell.
map of day 7 of the cruise route

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Day 8

Rabbit Island - Fethiye

  • There was a bit of a squall overnight, so just after midnight, Captain Oktay and the crew adjusted lines and anchor to keep us safe.
  • Bees interrupted our morning plans and we departed Rabbit Island before breakfast, making our way into Fethiye harbour around 9:30AM. Customs formalities were completed quickly and then we waited for a berth to open in the harbour before saying our final goodbyes.
  • Goodbyes are always difficult, especially when we make a strong friendship with our guests. We hope to see Carole and Jim again aboard Arkadaslik!
map of day 8 of the cruise route

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