Last year, just before the cruise season started, Oktay and I decided the time had come for us to hike the Lycian Trail. We'd been talking about it for years, but never got serious about it. Getting older (we're in our mid-50s), and facing some health issues that might prevent us from extreme physical adventures in the future, we decided that the time had come for us to pursue our dream.

We're not particularly fit or athletic. (Oktay is a heart attack survivor and has lung issues due to years of smoking, and I have significant visual impairment due to detached retinas and glaucoma.) But we love an adventure. And we were determined. And we made it happen.

Over the summer, we researched and purchased ultra-light camping and hiking gear. We planned our route and accommodations for the journey. We consulted our respective doctors and specialists and were given the green light to proceed.

We headed out on December 15, 2022 and celebrated Christmas, New Year's, and my birthday on the Trail. We took a short break due to bad weather in January, but returned to the Trail when the rains stopped and continued on our way. In the end, made it from Ovacik near Fethiye all the way to Çıralı before high mountain passes, snow, and frigid winter temperatures halted our progress.

Two ordinary people with a shared dream. More than three hundred kilometres in 28 days. Memories to last a lifetime!

Here's the story of our adventure. (Each day's link will take you to a more detailed page which includes a photo album and summary video.)