Our Day on the Trail

hikers taking a selfie

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Day 7 on the Lycian Trail was a long one!

We unloaded our packs at the pansyon and made the trek with just the barest of essentials instead. That gave us the flexibility to explore the ruins of 3 ancient cities - Pydnai, Letoon, and Xanthos - in a single day.

Check out our blog about our first visit to Letoon for more pictures and information about the site.

In between historic sites, our trek was a bit less "technical" than on the previous 6 days of our trip. We walked on paved roads, where the major obstacles were stray dogs who did not appreciate our presence.

Oğuz (the owner of Likya Garden Life) and his trusty cocker spaniel, Chivas, picked us up at the end of our hike in Çavdır and bought us back to his lovely bungalows for the night. We'll resume our normal backpacking program tomorrow from Çavdır.

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