Private Cruises with Arkadaslik Yachting

Turkish Gulet Cruises for Families and Small Groups

At Arkadaslik Yachting, we specialize in hosting Turkish gulet cruises for families and small groups who appreciate luxury travel.

What Makes Our Private Cruises so Special?

Besides cruising on an immaculately clean and comfortable gulet and enjoying spectacular scenery enroute, we:

  • work with you to design an itinerary that appeals to the interests of your group
  • prepare fantastic meals based on your tastes and preferences, and make sure there are always plenty of snacks and your favourite cold drinks on hand
  • maintain our boat to the highest standards to ensure your comfort and safety
  • provide friendly and professional service – before, during, and after your cruise
  • treat you like friends visiting our home, rather than customers on a boat trip

Whether you're planning your next family vacation or organizing a getaway with friends, we invite you to consider a Turkish gulet cruise with Arkadaslik Yachting. Because of our personalized approach, we really do create Dream Vacations, one cruise at a time!

Pricing & Details

The safety and peace of mind of guests and crew is our top priority. Please visit our Pandemic Response Plan to learn how we are addressing safety issues in the face of the novel Coronavirus.

If you're curious about what happens on our private cruises, please take a look through some of the details of our upcoming and past trips below. As you can see, each cruise is as unique as the people onboard!

And if you have questions or are interested in joining us on a Turkish gulet cruise, please get in touch!

Planned Private Cruises for 2021

We'll make pages for each of these cruises as we finalize the details with our guests:

  • May/June – A Classic Kekova Blue Cruise with Friends from the UK (rescheduled from 2020)
  • June – Exploring the Lycian Coast with Friends of Friends (rescheduled from 2020)
  • June – Cruising with our Cousins from Canada! (rescheduled from 2020)
  • July – Celebrating the 4th of July with Friends from the USA (rescheduled from 2020)
  • July – A Week with Canadians Onboard! (rescheduled from 2020)
  • August – Turkish Friends on their Third Cruise with Us
  • August – The Maskell Family Reunion (rescheduled from 2020)
  • September – He's Back! More Adventures with Nigel
  • September – Two Weeks in Greece with Friends from Calgary (booked in 2019)
  • October -– The "Foodies" Return - and They're Bringing Family from Canada

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Past Private Cruises


The Pandemic meant our 2020 season didn't quite turn out as planned, but we were still able to host a few fabulous cruises aboard Turkish gulet Arkadaslik.

An Exclusive Getaway for Two Self-Confessed "Foodies"

October 2020

Our chef went above and beyond preparing incredible meals for Luc and Carine as we cruised the Göcek Islands and beyond.

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A Short Getaway with Fethiye Area Expat Friends

August 2020

A quick getaway with 4 couples to enjoy the sea breezes and escape the heat of summer.

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Exploring the Turquoise Coast with a Family from Tunisia

July 2020

A relaxed, Covid-safe, kid-friendly week at sea. Proof that our guests may arrive as strangers, but always leave as friends.

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Dalyan Expats Celebrating the End of Lock-Down

June 2020

We weren't able to confirm this cruise until the lockdown was eased for the 65+ crowd in Turkey. But once the restrictions lifted, we were delighted to kick off the season with a short cruise around the Göcek Islands with 4 couples who live in the Dalyan area.

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Past Blue Cruises in Turkey and Greece

An Action Packed Adventure Cruise for Scuba Lovers

September 2019

When George described his family's dream vacation, we knew our classic Kekova route would be a perfect fit. Small seaside towns to explore, opportunities for scuba diving, and as much "sail time" as possible.

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Cruising Turkey AND Greece - A Biennial Tradition with Family and Friends

August - September 2019

We love travelling with this 3-generational group from Canada and the US. Two years ago, their Blue Cruise around the Greek Islands in the Dodecanese region was rerouted due to bad weather. Perhaps we'll finally be able to visit the missed islands on this trip!

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A Well-Deserved Göcek Getaway with the BAM Family

August 2019

When Alex contacted us about booking a short Blue Cruise holiday, busy schedules on both ends made it a bit of a challenge. We're so glad we were able to find a solution!

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Exploring the Göcek Islands in Comfort and Style

July 2019

This leisurely Blue Cruise around Turkey's Göcek Islands is the perfect escape from every-day life. Good food, good friends, good fun - while cruising through spectacular scenery on luxurious gulet. Life doesn't get much better than this!

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A Relaxing Break with our Favourite Surgeon and Her Family

July 2019

A well-earned holiday for Dr. Sibel and her family, this week-long journey started and finished in Göcek harbour, and included lots of time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Göcek Islands region of Turkey.

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Beyond the Göcek Islands: A Turkish Gulet Cruise with Friends from Dubai

July 2019

This experienced group of cruisers has less than a week to spend on the water, so we've designed a route to give them maximum exposure to the area.

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A Celebration of Life, Love, and Family: Cruising Kekova with the Rolland Family

June / July 2019

Suzanne's plans for this epic family reunion have been in the works for quite a while. We're delighted we can host her celebration of life and love with far-flung family.

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South African Explorers: A Party for All Ages

June 2019

We're excited to explore the Turquoise Coast with our friends from South Africa.

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The Pertsev Family: Our First Guests from the Ukraine

June 2019

When Alexie contacted us to arrange a week-long sailing vacation with his family, we knew we'd become good friends. What a sense of humour! The details of the trip are a surprise to the rest of the family, but we'll make sure everyone has an incredible time!

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A Honeymoon Cruise for Bobby and Molly

June 2019

Our Gocek Islands Getaway cruise is perfectly suited for shorter trips like this one. Always lots to see and do - and the intimate bays and coves of the region are perfect for a romantic honeymoon escape .

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Celebrating Christian and Muslim Cultures with Guests from the USA

June 2019

This group is travelling from the US, so we've planned an itinerary that shows off the Turkish coast at its best. This route combines the tranquility of the Göcek Islands, with the history (and mystery) of Gemiler Island, the spectacular colours of Ölüdeniz and the Blue Lagoon, and the excitement of an open water crossing - all in the space of 5 days!

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Christening the Paddleboards with Guests from China

April 2019

Our first guests arrive at Easter! This group is only in the area for a few days before heading off to explore the rest of Turkey, and have decided to spend it on the water. They'll have their pick of moorings in the Göcek islands during this early season cruise.

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