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Private Blue Cruise Gulet Holidays

The Ultimate Dream Vacation for Families and Small Groups

Private cruises offer the ultimate in customization and flexibility. and are usually the best option for families and small groups. Everything from the schedule, to the route, to the dinner menu is designed with your group's preferences in mind. Affordable, all-inclusive, luxury. Now that sounds like a Dream Vacation!

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Upcoming Private Blue Cruise Holidays

South African Explorers

water taxis waiting to carry passengers up and down the Dalyan Delta

June 2019

We're excited to explore the Turquoise Coast with our friends from South Africa.

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A Celebration of Life, Love, and Family: Cruising Kekova with the Rolland Family

celebrating life, love, and family with the Rollands

June / July 2019

Suzanne's plans for this epic family reunion have been in the works for quite a while. We're delighted we can host her celebration of life and love with far-flung family.

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Beyond the Göcek Islands: A Göcek Islands Getaway with a Twist

gocek islands getaway cruise with a twist

July 2019

This experienced group of cruisers has less than a week to spend on the water, so we've designed a route to give them maximum exposure to the area.

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A Private Family Getaway: Exploring the Kekova Region aboard Luxury Gulet Arkadaslik

a well-deserved, relaxing sailing holiday for a busy professional and her family

July 2019

A well-earned holiday for Dr. Sibel and her family, this week-long journey starts and finishes in Göcek harbour and includes visits to the coastal resort towns of Kaş, Kalkan and Ölüdeniz, historic sites like Gemiler Island, the Byzantine castle at Simena and the St. Nicholas Church in Demre, and lots of time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Lycian Coast.

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Friends from Australia Enjoying the Ulimate in Relaxation: Exploring the Göcek Islands in Comfort and Style

Single Turkish gulet anchored on a deserted island in the Göcek Islands region of Turkey

July 2019

This leisurely cruise around the Göcek Islands is the perfect escape from every-day life. Good food, good friends, good fun - while cruising through spectacular scenery on luxurious gulet. Life doesn't get much better than this!

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A 2-Week Adventure to Destinations Unknown: A Biennial Tradition with Family and Old Friends

adventure cruise to destinations unknown

August - September 2019

We love travelling with this 3-generational group from Canada and the US. Two years ago, their cruise to Discover the Dodecanese was rerouted due to bad weather. Perhaps we'll finally be able to visit the remaining islands on this trip!

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An Action Packed Cruise for Scuba Lovers: Cruising Kekova with the Hendry Family

action packed private cruise for scuba lovers

September 2019

When George described his family's cruise requirements to us, we knew our Kekova route would be a perfect fit. Small seaside towns to explore, opportunities for scuba diving, and as much "sail time" as possible.

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Past Private Blue Cruise Holidays

The Pertsev Family's Sailing Holiday: Shhhh, the Cruise is Alexie's Surprise to his Family!

Two adults and two children playing together on a paddleboard

June 2019

When Alexie contacted us to arrange a week-long sailing vacation with his family, we knew we'd become good friends. What a sense of humour! The details of the trip are a surprise to the rest of the family, but we'll make sure everyone has an incredible time!

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A Relaxing and Romantic Honeymoon Cruise: 3 Days and 2 Nights in the Göcek Islands on a Private Yacht

Aerial view of a gulet anchored in a secluded bay of turquoise water

June 2019

Our Gocek Islands Getaway cruise is perfectly suited for shorter trips like this one. Always lots to see and do - and the intimate bays and coves of the region are perfect for a romantic honeymoon escape .

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Exploring the Diversity of the Turkish Coast: 5 days and 4 nights cruising around Ölüdeniz, Gemiler and the Göcek Islands

Mediterranean sunset at Gemiler Island

June 2019

This group is travelling from the US, so we've planned an itinerary that shows off the Turkish coast at its best. This route combines the tranquility of the Göcek Islands, with the history (and mystery) of Gemiler Island, the spectacular colours of Ölüdeniz and the Blue Lagoon, and the excitement of an open water crossing - all in the space of 5 days!

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April Göcek Getaway: A 3 Day / 2 Night Cruise Around the Göcek Islands

Arkadaslik gulet anchored benath rock tombs in the Göcek Islands

April 2019

Our first guests arrive at Easter! This group is only in the area for a few days before heading off to explore the rest of Turkey, and have decided to spend it on the water. They'll have their pick of moorings in the Göcek islands during this early season cruise.

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Faye's Birthday Celebration Week: Cruising the Göcek Islands with the Scurlock Family

celebrating a milestone birthday with the Scurlock family

October 2018

Faye's family organized a week-long private gulet cruise to celebrate her milestone birthday. Each person's expectations were slightly different, but we think this itinerary satisfied them all.

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