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This blog is an ecclectic catch-all. Stories about creating a new life in Turkey and establishing a business in the male-dominated yachting industry. Answers to questions that seem to come my way - A LOT! And odd stories that I feel like sharing.

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81 Fun & Interesting (& Completely Safe) Things To Do in Turkey

May 2, 2018

My reply to an enquiry about things to see and do when travelling in Turkey. "I'm going to the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia," she said. "What else is there to do while I'm there?"

Things to Do in Turkey

FAQ: Are There Sharks in Turkey?

Updated on April 8, 2018

Cue the theme music from 'Jaws', and then learn all about about sharks and shark attacks off the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Shark Alert!

FAQ: Is Turkey Safe for Tourists?

Updated on April 8, 2018

Every day, I answer questions from friends, family and potential guests; Is Turkey safe? Is it safe to travel to Turkey? My answers might surprise you, but not for the reasons you expect...

Is Turkey Safe?

The Best of the Lycian Coast in Pictures

Updated on February 22, 2018

A stunning photo gallery highlighting the beauty and diversity of the historic Lycian coast of Turkey between Fethiye and Antalya. Updated with new images on a regular basis!

Pretty Lycia

Romance on the High Seas: 5-1/2 Misconceptions about My Life on a Cruise Boat

Trust me when I say it's not all champagne and rose petals.

Myth Buster

5 Things that Make Us (Really, Truly) Different Than Other Yachting Companies

It all boils down to being owned by an old, blind Canadian woman who lives on the boat. But how do we make that sound appealing to potential guests???

Being Unique

My #1 Most Frequently Asked Question

In some form or another, it's a question that everyone asks. You? Here? How? Why?

My #1 FAQ

FAQ: What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Seasickness?

Don't be embarrassed - it happens to the most experienced of sailors from time to time! Here are tried and true remedies to avoid seasickness - or get rid of the symptoms fast!

Avoiding Seasickness

Security at the Turkish Airport

I took an emergency trip back to Canada a week after the bombing at Atatürk airport in Istanbul. With world-wide security concerns nowadays, ıt was eye-opening to compare airport security in Turkey and Canada. Guess where I felt safest?

Airport Security

How Will I Sleep on the Boat?

Answering a light-sleeper's questions about sleeping on the boat. (With embarrasing guest and crew pictures to support my claims!)

You're Getting Sleepy...

FAQ: What Should I Pack for A Gulet Cruise?

A list of essentials and 'nice to haves' you'll want to pack for your Blue Cruise adventure.

Packing for a Cruise

There's a Mouse in the House (Boat)

We had a stow-away! The true (and somewhat hilarious) story of our all-out battle against a mouse on the boat.


Athens or Istanbul? Which is Best?

Travel preferences are subjective, so giving recommendations is tricky.  But, I had no problem picking a favourite between Athens and Istanbul.

Which is Best?

My Biggest Facepalm Moment

Was it a legitimate request? Or was I being pranked? Sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference! The story of my biggest facepalm moment in the cruise industry.


Anchors Aweigh! (Or is That Anchors Away?)

Answering the question: Is it true that the anchors of large vessels need to be cut if they're stuck?

Anchors Away!

So You Want to Start a Yacht Charter Business!?!?!

Its's a pretty good gig if you can make it work, sailing the Mediterranean on a luxury yacht with guests from around the world. But its a LOT of work! Here are some lessons I learned when starting Arkadaslik Yachting.

Starting a Charter Business

What's It Like to Live on a Boat?

Some people think it's like life on land, but there are some unique challenges to living on a boat full-time. From decorating choices to brushing your teeth, the liveaboard lifestyle requires an adventurous and flexible spirit.

Life on a Boat

The Magic of Turkish Carpets

All about Turkish carpets: Hand-crafted and unique, every Turkish carpet has a story to tell. That's part of their charm, part of their magic.

Turkish Carpets

Renaming a Boat - Is It Really Bad Luck?

Here's how we avoided the curse of Poseidon when changing the boat's name to Arkadaslik.

Salior Superstitions

FAQ: What to Wear? What to Wear? How Do Women Dress in Turkey?

Burka? Hijab? Headscarf? Do women in Turkey need to be fully covered? Here's what you need to know about dressing for a Turkish vacation.

Turkish Dress Code

Lost in Translation

Living and working in a foreign country poses some interesting challenges, especially when you don't speak the language. Here are some of my most memorable Turkish 'lost in translation' momements thus far.


Turkish Delight: The Sultan's Sweet

All about the soft, chewy Turkish treat that has been around since 1777. Turkish delight is definitely a candy that has stood the test of time!

Turkish Delight

Our Daytime Nightmare at Sea

In the moment, it felt like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. In hindsight, everyone onboard was safe and well-fed. Plus we had wifi! A true story about our daytime nightmare at sea...


The Perfect Cup of Turkish Coffee: A Recipe

Even if your culinary skills are lacking, this simple recipe guarantees the pefect cup of Turkish Coffee.

Turkish Coffee

My Afternoon at the Hamam

Scoping out the local spa for our guests - and thoroughly enjoying the experience!

Turkish Bath

FAQ: What is a Blue Cruise? And Why Should I Go On One?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Blue Cruise vacations!

Cruise On!

FAQ: What is a Gulet? (And More İmportantly, How Do You Pronounce It???I

Everything you ever wanted to know about classic Turkish sailing yachts!

All About Gulets

Introducing Turkish Gulet "Neşko"

Finding and buying an affordable gulet (even a little one requiring some repairs and maintenance) was the next major challenge towards achieving my goal. Introducing Turkish gulet Neşko!


Cheers to New Beginnings

Sometimes, it's good to celebrate life's small successes. (It's a philosophy that's gotten me through many recent rough times.) Cheers to new beginnings!


Temporarily Passport-Less

It's a weird feeling - handing over your passport and not knowing when you'll get it back. So much of my identity is tied to that little blue book!


Mastering the Turkish Banking System

One of the first things I had to do after moving to Turkey was open a bank account. Millions of people have done it successfully. Really, how hard could it be?

Turkish Banking

Cold Weather Woes

Coming from Canada, you think I'd be able to handle Fethiye's 'cold' winter weather without much difficulty. Wrong!


Let the Bureaucracy Begin!

Forewarned that applying for a Turkish residence permit would seem bureaucratic, I gave myself a pep talk to face the day with a positive, Zen-like attitude. Just follow the rules, I thought. After all, how hard could it be?

Turkish Bureaucracy

My Tiny Turkish Apartment

With a friend's help, I found the cutest little apartment overlooking the sea to kıck off my new life in Turkey.

Home Sweet Home

Here Comes The Sun!

Homeless, unemployed, and disabled, not exactly the life I dreamed of living. A true story of how I overame some of life's "little" challenges and started over - living and working on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean.

Starting Over