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Tales of an ordinary person living an extraordinary life

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My #1 Most-Frequently-Asked Question

You? Here? How? Why?

"How did you, a single Canadian woman (with absolutely no relevant skills or training), end up owning a private yacht charter business in Turkey?

Oh, they may phrase it differently, but it's a question that guests ask. Every. Single. Time.

Canadian expat Sue Fockner, owner of Arkadaslik Yachting

Oh, they may phrase it differently, but it's a question that gets asked by every single one of our guests. How did YOU end up HERE doing THIS?

Earlier this week we hosted 15 little old ladies from the UK. Not regular passengers, just travellers looking for a safe and quiet spot to wait during their 8-hour layover in Fethiye. These ladies were wonderful guests. Friendly, smart, chatty, undemanding, and... hard of hearing. Which means I got to answer the same question 15 times!

My story

As you might imagine, my story starts with an epic holiday in Turkey. My friend Janice kept a blog of the trip, which outlined all the important details, so I won't repeat them here. What she didn't include in the story was a brief exchange we had in Marmaris.

We had just disembarked from the high-speed ferry and set foot on Turkish soil for the first time. "I am meant to be here," I blurted as I was overcome by a tremendous feeling of belonging. Normally, I'm quite grounded - not given to whoo-hoo, out there, flights of fancy. Janice was stunned by my admission, but she wasn't nearly as surprised as I.

The trip was magic! I connected, explored, and experienced in ways I never had in Canada (or anywhere else, for that matter!). Turkey touched a part of me that I'd never felt before. And I liked it!

Turkish and Canadian flags flying against a blue sky.

I'm a Canadian expat, living in Turkey. People are curious and here's their most frequently asked question.

During our journey home a few weeks later, we talked about returning for another visit. Janice even raised the possibility of investing in a gulet so we could return for holidays each year.

I had a full time job, and was busy living life as a single woman on a large acreage in rural Alberta. The idea of gulet ownership and a Mediterranean lifestyle was appealing, but the realities of life quickly took over. How in the world could I make it happen?

Life threw me some challenges

Well, a series of devastating events took place that completely changed my life. I've described them elsewhere in the blog, so won't go into the details here. In short, I was no longer able to live my old life. It was time to create something new.

My criteria for a new life:

My response

After several months of reflection and planning, I moved to Turkey and established Arkadaslik Yachting. It wasn't easy, and I'm sure I've made some (many???) bad decisions and mistakes along the way. But, in three short years, Ive created a new life for myself with a home, a family and a business I'm proud of.

Compilation of images of Sue and Oktay

Me and Oktay

That's the short answer to how I ended up living the life I do. Do you have questions? Comments? Feedback? Feel free to send me an e-mail to connect. And, if you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it on social media!

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