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Arkadaslik departing from Fethiye for a week-long Blue Cruise Overhead view of Arkadaslik anchored during a Blue Cruise along the Turkish coast Slde view of Arkadaslik at full sail

What is a Blue Cruise?

(Also Called Blue Voyages or Blue Tours)

Gulet anchored in beautiful bay during a Blue Cruise yachting holiday


The term Blue Cruise (also called Blue Voyage or Blue Tour) originated in a Turkish book entitled "Mavi Yolculuk", written by historian, translator, academic and archaeologist, Azra Erhat. Published in 1957, the book describes the author's wonderful experiences sailing along the southwestern coast of Turkey, especially between Çeşme and Antalya. The term is now used to describe recreational yachting trips aboard classic gulets which take visitors to ancient cities, harbours, tombs, mausolea, and intimate beaches along Turkey's Turquoise Coast bordering the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

The concept of the Blue Cruise entered the Turkish imagination even earlier though, through the writing of Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı (aka, The Fisherman of Halicarnassus). Exiled to Bodrum in 1925, he eventually chose to make it his permanent home, taking his friends on boat trips and introducing them to this beautiful part of the world.

Prior to the 1980s, cruises were available only to the privileged few with access to private boats. Nowadays, Blue Cruises are a popular tourist activity, with people from all walks of life chartering boats for enchanting sailing holidays on the Mediterranean.

Blue cruises offer the perfect opportunity for visitors to leisurely explore the spectacular coastlines of the Mediterranean, and spend time in the tranquil coves and inlets inaccessible by land. Guests who thrill at sailing, love the sea, enjoy exploring historic and cultural sites, and appreciate nature will enjoy the uniquely relaxing experience of a Blue Cruise yachting holiday.

Does a Blue Cruise sound like the vacation of your dreams? Contact us today if you'd like to start planning an exclusive yachting vacation on luxury gulet Arkadaslik. We promise - you won't be disappointed!