An Insider's Scoop: Everything You Need to Know About Blue Cruise Gulet Vacations

Diving Deeper into the Definition of "Blue Cruise"

Blue Cruises offer all the benefits of an exclusive land-based resort, with the bonus of travelling to various sites – without the need to pack and unpack your suitcase every day. Guests often say the experience is similar to staying at a floating seaside resort with everything you need on board - hotel, bar, restaurant, swimming pool and sunbeds, convenient access to sightseeing, and crew included!

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Why Are Blue Cruises So Popular?

You don't need any boating experience or qualifications to enjoy a Blue Cruise. Similar to cruising on a larger cruise ship, the boat is staffed with crew who are responsible for operating the gulet and keeping it safe and clean, preparing and serving meals, and attending to guest needs. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday!

Who Goes on Gulet Cruises?

In short, everyone.

Blue Cruises appeal to people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds. We've hosted everyone from young adults enjoying their gap year to a VIP couple travelling with bodyguards, and everyone in between. And age-wise, we've hosted groups with infants and toddlers, teens and 'tweens, and adults of all ages – virtually everyone from the young, to the young at heart. In addition to being agreat "regular" vacation, Blue Cruises are suitable for celebrating weddings, reunions, engagements, birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries, job promotions, retirements, and even recoveries from life-altering diseases. Blue Cruises are a versatile and appealing holiday that everyone can enjoy!

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What Does a Typical Cruise Day Look Like?

Although the specific itinerary varies from cruise to cruise, Blue Cruises alternate periods of cruising (usually under motor) with time at anchor. This allows guests to enjoy a variety of locations on their holiday, without the need to pack and unpack between destinations.

A typical day will include a massive Turkish breakfast, followed by time to chill out while crew clean up after the meal. Then, perhaps the captain will lift the anchor ("weigh the anchor" in nauticall-speak) and motor to a new anchorage where you'll venture onto land for sightseeing or a hike. Suitably exercised, you'll return to the boat for a hearty lunch and then enjoy more free time for swimming or napping. Late in the afternoon, you'll likely find yourself cruising to another picturesque anchorage – enjoying afternoon snacks enroute. (The crew may even raise the sails for the journey if your gulet is suitably equipped.) While it is still light, the captain will find a safe anchorage for your overnight stay and you'll have the chance to do as you please while the crew prepare dinner. The evening meal is served as darkness falls, and can last for hours as you linger over the multi-course feast. Then, when you get tired, head to bed – either in your cabin, or on deck under the stars. And wake the next morning, refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

The specifics of your route will determine what activities are possible each day. For example, if you are cruising in the Göcek Islands, water sports and parasailing are readily accessible. If you're cruising along the Lycian Coast, you'll have opportunities to explore historic ruins, and perhaps visit a few of the resort towns along the coast. Cruises to the Greek islands usually include excursions for shopping and visits to a local tavern (or two). Every day of a Blue Cruise brings new adventures.

Your crew will advise you on the options at each place you drop anchor – and you may find yourself with an overwhelming number of possibilities. Don't worry though, if you can't do everything on this trip, you can always come back again.

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Where Do Gulet Cruises Go?

Because of their design, gulets are able to navigate in fairly shallow water, so they can access bays and coves that are simply not possible in cruise liners. And many of the most popular destinations are not even accessible by car.

The concept of the Blue Cruise (also called Blue Voyage, Blue Tour, or Mavi Tur in Turkish) originated in Turkey, but gulet holidays are now also gaining popularity in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and Italy.

When deciding on a route, bear in mind that gulets are heavy vessels and therefore, travel slowly - 7 or 8 knots (12 to 15 km/hr) on average. And they typically only cruise 3 or 4 hours a day. The rest of the time is dedicated to enjoying the area where you are anchored – whether it's an isolated bay, a historic site, or the harbour of a coastal town or village.

When is Blue Cruise Season?

Mediterranean cruise season usually starts in late April / early May and runs through the end of October / beginning of November.

April / May Early season $ Generally warm days, cool nights, occasional rain Cool water
June Shoulder season $$ Warm days, cool nights Cool water
July High season $$$ Hot days, warm nights Cool water
August High season $$$ Hot days, hot nights Warm water
September Shoulder season $$ Warm days, cool nights Warm water
October / November Late season $ Generally warm days, cool nights, occasional rain Warm water

How Much Do Blue Cruises Cost?

Like hotels and resorts, Blue Cruise prices vary based on the class and amenities of each package. For budgeting purposes, the following may be helpful:

Determining Your Budget for a Gulet Cruise

Class Description Budget Notes
Economy basic accommodations, no amenities Starting around 65 Euro per person, per day Great for backpackers or those travelling on an extremely limited budget
Standard 3-star accommodations, few amenities Starting around 80 Euro per person, per day Fantastic for families and groups looking for a "cheap and cheerful" holiday
Luxury 4-star accommodations, some amenities Starting around 100 Euro per person, per day Suitable for those who appreciate their creature comforts while travelling
Deluxe 5-star accommodations, many amenities Starting around 200 Euro per person, per day Upscale accommodation and service levels, and priced accordingly
VIP 5+-star accommodations, every possible amenity If you have to ask, you can't afford Great for movie stars and royalty, or anyone who requires staff to unpack their suitcases or squeeze toothpaste on their toothbrush

Notes About Cruise Prices

Every licenced business gulet, regardless of class and price, undergoes annual inspection for safety and seaworthiness by the Harbour Master.

Crew gratuities are not included in the price you pay for a gulet cruise. While not mandatory, it is customary to tip the hardworking crew a total of 5 to 10% of the cruise price at the conclusion of a trip. You can distribute the tip to each member of the crew individually, or give it to the captain and ask him / her to disburse it on your behalf.

Useful Terminology When Booking a Blue Cruise

The Evolution of Blue Cruise Holidays

Prior to the 1980s, recreational cruises along the Mediterranean coast were available only to the privileged few with access to private boats - or those willing to forego their creature comforts and sail on fishing or sponge diving boats. Over time, boat builders recognized a potential new audience and started building sturdy wooden yachts specifically for holiday cruises. Gulet cruises grew in popularity, with people from all walks of life chartering boats for enchanting sailing holidays on the Mediterranean.

Nowadays, Blue Cruises offer holiday-makers the perfect opportunity to appreciate the spectacular Mediterranean coastline and everything she has to offer.

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Additional Information about Blue Cruises

Do You Have Questions?

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