What is a Turkish Gulet? And (More Importantly) How Do You Pronounce "Gulet"?

All About Turkish Gulets

Gulet sailing along the Turkish coast

Luxury Gulet Arkadaslik

A gulet (pronounced GOO-LET) is a small wooden ship used as a floating hotel for Blue Cruises. particularly in the Mediterranean region. Like hotels, gulets vary in size, capacity and amenities.

Whether basic or grand, gulets feature two or three masts (although not all are equipped with sails) and one or more large diesel engines to propel them through the water. They typically have a broad beam, low profile and heavily weighted hull, making them stable vessels for cruising - a benefit for passengers who are susceptible to seasickness!

Gulet anchored in a peaceful cove in the Kekova region

Blue Cruise Vacation

Because Blue Cruises appeal to guests who want to relax and appreciate the great outdoors, gulets tend to have large spacious decks with plenty of cushioned lounging areas. Passenger cabins are located below-deck, usually accessed from the boat's main salon.

Gulet silhouetted against a pink and purple Mediterranean sunset

Mediterranean Sunset

Before Blue Cruises were popularized, basic wooden fishing and sponging boats were used to host boat charters along the Turquoise Coast. As the popularity of these cruises exploded in the 1970s, the construction of hand-crafted boats evolved to satisfy tourists' growing demands for comfort and safety. Nowadays, you'll find Turkish gulets ranging from hostel-like standard boats featuring basic accommodation and amenities, to exclusive 5-star VIP yachts with every possible comfort, including jacuzzi tubs and on-board theatre systems.

If you'd like to learn more about gulets in general, please visit our series of articles about Gulets and Gulet Cruises published by the Fethiye Times. If you're looking for information about our gulet (Luxury gulet Arkadaslik), please visit the "Our Boat" page on our website.

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Classic Turkish gulet anchored with motor yachts off the coast of Turkey