Does Renaming a Boat Really Bring Bad Luck?

We Avoided the Curse by Following Every Step in this Boat Renaming Ceremony!

Most people have heard that renaming a boat is bad luck.  Apparently, this results from failing to properly advise Neptune (god the sea, AKA Poseidon) and the deities that rule the elements. Fortunately, there are some tried and true steps to notify the powers that be and keep things right with the universe during your boat renaming ceremony.

January 2015 - Warnings that Renaming a Boat Brings Bad Luck

In a few weeks, Neşko will begin a significant transformation - including a change in legal ownership, registry and name. There are agencies that take care of mountains of paperwork required by the government to document these changes. Fortunately, all I have to do is provide some information, pay the fees, wait a few weeks, paint the new name on the side of the boat and VOILA - done!

Every time I tell someone that I'm planning to change Neşko name, they regale me with horror stories. Tales of ill-fated boats whose unsuspecting owners  faced disaster after disaster. Well-maintained boats developed terminal engine problems. Firmly anchored boats drifted into rocks and sank. Small boats developed big leaks. And big boats tipped over in perfectly calm seas. Yikes - changing the boat name might be a bigger issue than I first thought!

Thanks to the Internet, I learned that renaming a boat CAN be bad luck. Apparently, this comes as a result of failing to properly advise Neptune (god the sea, AKA Poseidon) and the deities that rule the elements. And, the penalties appear to be much more severe than fines assessed by any governmental authorities.

Fortunately, the Internet also outlines several boat renaming ceremonies that can be followed to ensure the Ledger of the Deep is updated correctly, thereby avoiding such potential disasters:

May 2015 - The Boat Renaming Ceremony

We diligently followed all the steps and had a pretty major celebration in early May 2015, when we relaunched "Arkadaslik" and safely cruised to Rhodes with nine wonderful guests for our inaugural journey on the newly named boat.

Update - May 2018 - We Seem to Have Avoided the Curse when Renaming Our Boat

We've had a few onboard hiccups since then, but, for the most part, the boat formerly known as Neşko has kept us safe and sound.  I think it's fair to say "we're believers"!

Have you heard boat renaming horror stories? I'd love to hear them. Feel free to send me an e-mail to connect. And, if you enjoyed this article about renaming a boat, please consider sharing it on social media!

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