Turkish Gulet Arkadaslik

Immaculate and expertly crewed, this well-appointed Turkish gulet is ideal for families & small groups seeking luxury sailing holidays on the Mediterranean.

With 4 double guest suites, each with private ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning, and amenities not typically seen in yachts of her size and price-class, this beautifully maintained Turkish gulet acts as an exclusive holiday resort for the duration of your cruise.

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Arkadaslik - A Turkish Gulet Designed for Cruising in Safety, Comfort and Style

Arkadaslik, our 22-meter classic Turkish gulet is perfectly suited for families and small groups who appreciate affordable luxury travel. We limit group sizes to a maximum of 8 guests to maximize your comfort and ensure we can provide personal attention.

Arkadaslik has several outdoor seating areas - both shaded and non-shaded - for speading out and relaxing during your cruise. The seating area on the foredeck provides a terrific "front row view" of the stunning scenery on your cruise. The mid-deck sunbed area can be left open to the sun, shaded, or a combination of both, depending on your group's preferences. And the shaded seating area on the rear deck provides ample room to sprawl out and relax, while still staying connected with all the onboard goings-on.

Each of the four guest cabins is air-conditioned and has a comfortable double bed, small wardrobe, and under-bed luggage storage. The ensuite bathrooms have full-sized wash basins, electric flush toilets, and enclosed shower stalls.

Before each cruise, the guest suites are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and prepared with high quality bed and bath linens, which can be refreshed as often as you like during your cruise. The bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected daily. Our standards of cleanliness are second-to-none! (Don't believe us? Check out our guest reviews on Trip Advisor.)

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Ensuring Your Comfort: Amenities Available on Arkadaslik

We're sure you'll appreciate Arkadaslik's many extras, including:

  • State-of-the-art solar powered electric system, which provides silent, eco-friendly electricity any time of the day or night
  • High-speed Wi-Fi so you can "stay connected" with friends and family back home (available while in Turkish cruising territory only)
  • Private safe boxes in each guest suite for the secure storage of your money, jewellery, and important travel documents
  • Beach towels (laundered daily) and blankets for outdoor use
  • Hair dryers
  • Boat-wide sound system for use with your mobile phone or tablet
  • Extensive library of Greek and Turkish travel guides
  • Card and board games
  • Laundry facilities
  • Barbecue
  • Pool noodles, snorkeling masks and swim fins
  • Fishing tackle
  • 2 kayaks - suitable for 1, 2, or 3 passengers at a time
  • 2 stand-up paddle boards

We also have professional photography equipment onboard, and will provide you with high-quality souvenir photos and videos of your dream vacation aboard Turkish gulet Arkadaslik.

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Ensuring Your Safety: Our Safety and Maintenance Program

Arkadaslik undergoes annual inspection and maintenance each year in the shipyard, and routine maintenance is performed throughout the season to keep her in optimal working condition.

She is equipped with host of safety equipment - smoke and fire detectors, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, fire extinguishers, life jackets and life rings, emergency communications equipment, a fully-stocked first-aid kit, an inflatable dinghy and a life raft. Her crew are trained in basic first-aid, and emergency services are generally accessible in the areas we cruise.

We're pretty easy-going, but insist that everyone follow these basic rules while aboard Arkadaslik:

  1. Smoking is allowed on deck, but is not permitted inside the boat.
  2. Guests must wait for the engine to be shut down before entering the water.
  3. Nothing - absolutely nothing - should be flushed down the toilets other than,... you know. No hair, no hygiene products, no plastic packaging, not even toilet paper. There's a trash can in each bathroom and it is emptied daily. Please use that!
  4. The use of P-20 sunscreen is not permitted while cruising aboard Arkadaslik. While we appreciate that "apply-once-a-day-sun-protection" is convenient, the ingredients permanently stain our bedding, towels, and upholstery, necessitating frequent replacement. The lotion also stains our woodwork, turning white painted areas a bright shade of pink under the hot Mediterranean sun.

And, in the era of Covid-19, we have a comprehensive Pandemic Response plan in place.

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Cruising in Style: Fun Facts About Arkadaslik Gulet

  • Arkadaslik is 22 meters long, 5 meters wide, and has a draw of 2.5 meters. (That means we can go in water as shallow as 3 meters.) While most gulets of this size have 6 or 8 cabins, Arkadaslik's 4-cabin configuration allows for slightly more spacious guest facilities than normal.
  • Arkadaslik is a classic wood boat, hand crafted of teak and mahogany. Maintaining her in "ship-shape" condition is a labour of love, involving lots of sanding, painting and varnishing.
  • Arkadaslik has 3 sails, but most of her cruising power comes from a 280 horsepower marine-grade Caterpiller engine. Her average cruising speed is between 6 and 7 knots (11-13 km/h) and she can cruise over 300 nautical miles (about 570 km) on a tank of diesel.
  • Arkadaslik carries 8 solar panels and a bank of 10 batteries to meet most of our electric needs. A Perkins generator supplements the solar-electric system to run the air-conditioners and oven.
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