How to Book the Perfect Gulet Cruise

Once you've determined your gulet holiday schedule, budget, accommodation requirements and desired itinerary (as outlined in Part 2 of this series), it's time to make the actual arrangements. But who do you speak with?

There are actually 3 (mostly) reliable sources for booking gulet cruises, and one source that leads to variable results. We'll talk about that one first…

Your Waiter / Taxi Driver / Bartender / Hairdresser / Carpet Seller

If you've ever been to Turkey, you know how friendly and helpful Turkish people can be, especially to foreign visitors. And, you quickly realize how everyone you meet has a friend or cousin with a boat. Oftentimes, these informal connections lead to wonderful outcomes for everyone involved. However, when booking informally, keep in mind the following:

classic sailing gulet in turquoise water near Fethiye

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Travel Agencies

Travel agencies are a common way for first-time cruisers to book a gulet cruise.

gulet anchored next to small motor yachts

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Yacht Agencies

Similar to travel agencies, yachting agencies are a common way for people to book gulet cruises.

dozens of yachts of all shapes and sizes

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Owner Direct

More and more options are available for holiday-makers to book cruises directly with the boat owner.

boats anchored around a small island in the Mediterranean

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So, there you have it. There are pros and cons to each option for booking a gulet – but you are now one step closer to having all the information you need to book your dream vacation.

If you have any questions about this article, or would like more information about gulet cruising in general, we're always happy to help. Feel free to contact us any time for assistance.