Our Day on the Trail


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Day 4 on the Lycian Trail did NOT go as planned. Our guide book indicated it would be a longish trek (around 17km), 50% through forest and 50% on regular roads. What it failed to mention was that the first kilometre would traverse the steepest, rockiest terrain on the planet.

We just learned that the suggested distances and times in the guidebook are for people carrying day packs, not those of us lugging 11kg and 14kg on our backs. Now we don't feel so bad for altering course.

We cautiously made our way into a gorgeous tree-filled canyon, climbing over massive rocks and lowering ourselves between cracks and crevices in the stones. As soon as we reached the canyon floor, we were challenged to climb back out again. Slow and steady was definitely the theme for the day.

Once the canyon was behind us, we enjoyed hiking high above the Mediterranean coast, through picturesque farmland and olive groves to the village of Gey, where we decided to stop for the night.

We're staying at a family-run campground / pansyon. It's only 500TL for the night, which includes our dinner and breakfast in the morning. There was plenty of hot water for showers - we were both in dire need after today's exertions.

When we were planning this trip, we agreed that we'd be flexible and adjust the itinerary as necessary to stay safe and healthy. So Gey it is. We'll head for Bel tomorrow. (As a bonus, the early stop allowed Oktay to watch the World Cup final.)

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