Our Day on the Trail

sign describing the history of the Lycian Trail

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In a word, Day 3 of the Lycian Trail was STEEP! Fortunately, Oktay did his research, so we were mentally prepared, and just plodded along, stopping frequently for breaks.

Still no rubs, blisters, falls, or tears to report. I got stuck trying to crawl under a fallen tree, but that resulted in a minor loss of dignity, rather than anything more severe.

We traversed a few extremely narrow stretches of trail today, where the mountain dropped steeply 50 to 100 meters just inches beside the path. Interestingly enough, the fear of falling distracts you from any feelings of pain or tiredness in your legs.

At one point, a group of young, extra-ordinarily fit Russian day-hikers passed us. They were remarkably kind, and said we were their "heroes" for attempting the hike with full packs. The compliment added some spring back into our step!

There were two kosk set-ups on the trail today. Signage indicated they were tea houses or refreshment stations for anyone needing a rest. One was stocked with bottled water, the other with bottled water and soft drinks. During the summer, someone sells drinks and snacks at these sites, but during the winter, they operate on the honour system. We left our money for drinks, and signed the guest books, before continuing on our way.

We arrived at Alinca before sunset and found the tiny village encased in cloud. We're currently sitting beside the fireplace in the dining area of the pansyon. It's going to be an early night as we're leaving bright and early in the morning for Day 4 of our trekking adventure.

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