Our Day on the Trail

hikers taking a selfie

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Day 12 of our Lycian Trail adventure started cold and frosty, and there was a layer of ice on the puddles, but has been one of our favourite treks so far!

The journey started with a steep climb, but we enjoyed several long stretches of flat walking through the day, and absolutely spectacular scenery.

We met a few other hikers along the trail today - a 32-year old Russian guy who flew past us while making a real-time video of his adventure, and a large group of ladies visiting Kaş who were doing a day-hike in the opposite direction.

For those who don't know, the Lycian Trail is marked with red and white paint on rocks along the path. Additionally, hikers build stone towers to help others find the way. (The painted markers fade, or sometimes get relocated, so the towers are a good back-up.)

Still no blisters, major injuries or tears to report along the route. Our supply of trail mix is holding up well, and Oktay continues to amaze with the picnic lunches. The temperatures are much cooler than at sea level, but we're still enjoying fabulous weather.

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