Our Day on the Trail

hikers taking a selfie

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Oktay reminded me that "it's all part of the adventure" during a particularly steep climb today. He's 100% right!

Day 11 of our Lycian Trail hike took us high in the hills above Kalkan. From our hotel on Kalkan harbour (i.e. just a few meters above sea level), we peaked at an altitude of 910 meters above sea level less than 7 hours later.

Enroute, we visited a mountain village called Bezirgan, which is home to granaries built by the Lycians to store grains and cereals grown in the region. They are still in use today! (Although corrugated metal has replaced whatever material was originally used on the roofs.)

Today's slopes were steep, but we stayed safe. No blisters, no injuries, no tears. We ate apple turnovers as a post-Christmas treat. The scenery was incredible! We even saw the big Dodecanese ferryboat travelling from Rhodes to Kastellorizo (Meis).

We made a few modifications to the trail posted in our guidebook, choosing to enter Sarıbelen by road rather than the near-vertical descent suggested on the map.

Tonight, we are sleeping in a shepherd's house. We had a lovely meal - served village-style on a tiny table while we sat cross-legged on the floor. We may be strong, but we aren't very flexible!

Now, we're cozied up next to a space heater and will likely have another early night. Lots of fresh air and climbing tall mountains is the best recipe for a good night's sleep.

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