Our Day on the Trail

A pretty awesome way to spend Christmas Day!

delikkemer aquaduct

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We spent Christmas Day hiking (and getting lost) in the hills around Kalkan. Early this morning, we hopped in a cab with our daypacks, and got dropped off at the ruins of the ancient aqueduct at Delikkemer.

The aqueduct is an engineering marvel. Built about 2000 years ago to supply the Lycian city of Patara with fresh water, the aqueduct could transport water UP and DOWN hill. Large sections of the structure are still standing - they really knew how to build for longevity back then!

The first trail we attempted this morning was way beyond our abilities, and we turned back after about an hour. The second path gave us more opportunity to explore the aqueduct. The gently winding path led us through olive gardens and sections of the stone water channel. The final stretch of our hike took us along a busy highway. While walking on the D400 is not ideal, it gave us a great view of the ever-expanding town of Kalkan and surrounding coast.

Hiking from Delikkemer to Kalkan was a fabulous way to celebrate Christmas Day!

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