Our Day on the Trail

sheep walking past a hiker

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Day 17 of our Lycian Trail adventure had us climbing again. From Sısla, which is just a few meters above sea level, to the base of Apollonia near Boğazcık at 378 meters, we spent the day trekking upwards over every terrain imaginable.

We saw goats and sheep, met friendly villagers, and helped, and were helped by other hikers.

Our biggest challenge today was finding the ancient city of Apollonia. We could see it high on the hill above Boğazcık, but we couldn't find the actual access point. Our apps showed paths, but they were blocked and there was no way around the barriers. Late in the day, we spotted a final possibility, so will return in the morning and try to find a way to the ancient city.

Tonight, we are staying at a peaceful pansyon in Üçağız, which we'll use as a base while we explore the trails in the region.

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