Our Day on the Trail

rocky coastline

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We left Kaş early, while most people were still sleeping off their New Year's celebrations. The trail wound through a lovely forested area, a combination of smooth clay path, and path covered in loose, ankle-turning stones. No problem, we just made our way slowly and carefully, enjoying the spectacular views around us. Uphill and down, we made our way to Limanağzı, towards Çoban Plajı.

Just before Çoban Plajı, we had to cross a 300 meter outcropping of sharp, jagged pumice stone, dropping steeply about into the sea about 50 meters below. Not a problem if you are young, fit, and have good eye-sight. Absolutely terrifying otherwise. Oktay was a "rock star" (pun intended), calmly talking me through the scary bits like a professional climbing coach. He even carried both sets of poles so I could hang onto the rocks with both hands.

(We got photos during the early part of the rock crossing, but it was too dangerous to try during the really scary part. You'll just need to take our word for it.)

The good news is that we got across, safe and sound. The bad news is that the experience exhausted us and we dragged for the rest of the day.

Just as we arrived at Çoban Plajı, a Kangal dog appeared out of nowhere, and patiently accompanied us for several kilometres along the trail. We gave him water, and named him Joe. Eventually, Joe abandoned us, preferring the company of a much faster hiker.

We stopped for a late lunch at Ufak Dere, then followed a dirt road from sea level to about 140 meters above sea level. What a climb! After reaching the top of the hill, we decided to modify the day's route to ensure we'd reach the hotel by sunset. We continued climbing another 50 meters up and followed the asphalt road to our accommodation in Sısla.

Tomorrow, we'll head out and do the section of trail we missed. Tonight, it's Advil and a hot shower to relax our tired muscles.

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