Our Day on the Trail

hikers taking a selfie

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Day 26 of our Lycian Trail adventure was one of our longest, and also one of our favourites!

We started the day in Karaöz and finished in Adrasan, with a visit to the Gelidonya Lighthouse and a lots of hills in between. The trail wound along the side of a mountain, providing us with amazing views of the sea, and passed through fragrant pine forests filled with wild flowers. Unlike other sections of the Lycian Trail, which tend to be very rocky, today's terrain was mostly rock-free and clear.

We are spending the night in a cosy bungalow in Adrasan which has the nicest shower of any place we've stayed so far! Tomorrow, we head to Olympos.

Oktay and I each have strengths and weaknesses on the trail, but overall, I think we're getting the hang of this!

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