Halki, Greece: The Greek Island of Peace and Friendship

A few years ago, we had an extended stay at the Greek island of Halki due to extreme winds. The unplanned stop-over provided us with the perfect opportunity to start exploring the smallest inhabited island in the Dodecanese. We've been back several times since, and will continue our regular visits because there's so much to see and do!

Some random facts and trivia about Halki:

Map of the Halki, Greece

Our map of Halki does not list bars, restaurants, and hotels on the island. (They surround the main harbour and you don't need a map to find them.) Instead, it focuses on sites of cultural and historic interest.

map of Halki, Greece showing sites of historic and cultural significance

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(Please accept our apologies for the size of the font on the map image. Rest assured that the downloadable, PDF version of the Halki map is quite legible when printed over 2 sheets of A-4 paper.)