Lindos, Greece: Everything You Need to Know

Lindos is a traditional Greek settlement comprised of a maze of white cubic buildings on the east coast of the island of Rhodes. It was founded as a small fishing village in about 10th century BC, but due to its proximity to the only natural harbours on the island, soon became an important trading and naval center.

With its natural rock citadel, the town was also a logical site for defending the island from invasion. A mixture of ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman ruins discovered by archaeologists can attest to the fact that Lindos was ruled of a variety of powers throughout its battle-filled and bloody history.

Lindos reached its height of power in the 6th century BC and slowly declined in importance thereafter. Why the decline? The walled city of Rhodes was built about 50 KM to the north and most military, shipping, and industrial forces moved northward.

Places of Interest at Lindos

Explorer's Map of Lindos and the Acropolis

map of Lindos with a close-up of the acropolis

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Interesting Facts about Lindos

Lindos – it's definitely worth a visit when you're on Rhodes! (But wear comfortable walking shoes to enjoy the experience to the max.)