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Exploring the Diversity of the Turkish Coast

5 days and 4 nights cruising around Ölüdeniz, Gemiler and the Göcek Islands


This group is travelling from the US, so we've planned an itinerary that shows off the Turkish coast at its best. This route combines the tranquility of the Göcek Islands, with the history (and mystery) of Gemiler Island, the spectacular colours of Ölüdeniz and the Blue Lagoon, and the excitement of an open water crossing - all in the space of 5 days!

Proposed Itinerary


Departure from Göcek Harbour

thumbAğa Limanı, Turkey
2. thumbButterfly Valley, Turkey thumbÖludeniz, Turkey
3. thumbGemiler Island, Turkey
4 & 5 thumbGöcek Islands, Turkey

Return to Göcek Harbour after breakfast

Photo Gallery