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Exploring the Diversity of the Turkish Coast

5 days and 4 nights cruising around Ölüdeniz, Gemiler and the Göcek Islands


This group is travelling from the US, so we've planned an itinerary that shows off the Turkish coast at its best. The route combines the tranquility of the Göcek Islands, with the history (and mystery) of Gemiler Island, the spectacular colours of Ölüdeniz and the Blue Lagoon, and the excitement of an open water crossing - all in the space of 5 days!

Guest List

  • Steve and Missy
  • Toddy and Kelly
  • Ted and Kaylin
  • Scott and Susan

Day 1

  • Departed from Göcek Harbour around 2PM and cruised directly to Summer Harbour Bay at Tersane Island (Shipyard Island) in the Göcek Islands region. Swimming, paddle-boarding, and hiking ensued.
  • Chef Ozan and Sailor Selim prepared cheese rolls (sigara börek) for afternoon tea.
  • A dinner of barbequed sea bream and assorted mezes on the back deck. Turkish tradition requires people to drink Rakı when eating fish - otherwise the fish cry. There were no crying fish tonight! Dessert followed - pistachio and vanilla icecream on a halva base.

Day 2

  • Early morning start to avoid big waves while crossing the Gulf of Fethiye. A two hour cruise brought us from Tersane Island to a bay outside of Ölüdeniz and the Blue Lagood (via Butterfly Valley).
  • Everyone enjoyed a visit to the Blue Lagoon and Ted nearly gave Captain Oktay a heart attack when he jumped off a huge rock into the sea.
  • Spent the rest of the day at Gemiler Island. Enjoyed a good hike around the ruins on the island, followed by an invigorating swim in the chilly water before dinner.

Day 3

  • Mutlu Bayramlar! - ,it's the first day of the Feast of the Sweets
  • After breakfast at Gemiler Island, we lifted anchored and headed west across the Gulf of Fethiye. A gently rolling trip, no big winds or high waves, so a pleasant 2-hour trip.
  • Lucked out with a lovely spot at Ağa Limanı (pronounced A-a Lim-ann-ih) where we decided to spend the day
  • Hiked up to some church ruins and a cistern later in the day, gorgeous views
  • We enjoyed a large family dinner - guests and crew together to celebrate the Bayram holiday; a feast of barbequed chicken and mezes, with fruit salad and ice cream for dinner.

Day 4

  • After breakfast and a swim, we headed towards the more-crowded Göcek Islands region (crowded due to the Bayram holiday, normally a very peaceful place for cruising), touring various bays and coves to gawk at the various yachts and gulets.
  • Anchored at Hamam Bay to visit the ruins of an ancient Turkish bath house, which legend says was built for Cleopatra and Marc Antony in 40BC, followed by lunch.
  • Short visit to Bedri Rahmi to visit the fish painting and climb to the rock tombs. Crazy busy with day boat visitors enjoying the Bayram holiday so we didn't stay for long.
  • Final anchorage for the day - Şeytanlı Island (Devil Island).

Day 5

  • Good byes at Göcek harbour before the group split up for their next destinations. Safe travels everyone!

Thank you for joining us for the Bayram holiday, and including us in your prayers. - Lots of love, Sue, Captain Oktay, Sailor Selim, and Chef Ozan



Departure from Göcek Harbour

thumbGöcek Islands

Specifically, Summer Bay at Tersane Island

2. thumbButterfly Valley thumbÖludeniz thumbGemiler Island
3. thumbAğa Limanı
4. thumbGöcek Islands

Specifically, Hamam Bay, Bedri Rahmi Bay, and Şeytanlı Island


Return to Göcek Harbour after breakfast

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